Our little one has turned one month new yesterday. Time flies fast! And it’s exactly for this reason that I take photos of him every day. I want to remember every part of our bundle of joy for years to come. 🙂  I also didn’t think twice about having a newborn photography session with a reputable team of professional photographers. When it comes to positioning the baby, shooting the best angles, and catching those super cute details like toes and fingers, I know these experts can be trusted.

I looked up online for photography studios offering newborn photography packages in Metro Manila and inquired about their rates and availability. Instead of shooting in a studio, I prefer an “on-location” photoshoot—done in the comfort and convenience of our home. Out of the many, The Story Company sent out the most appealing deal with the best value. Also, I absolutely love how they describe what they do.

As stated in their website, The Story Company “turns moments into minutes by creating an expressive and heart moving piece that combines your life’s special moments, intimate feelings of love and gratitude, and values, all tied in through a narration by you.” Photos that tell stories are a visual treat and a great way to capture a baby’s sweet moments.

Lance Wolfe (November 7, 2018)

In this post, I’m sharing our favorite shots and our wonderful experience in shooting The Newborn Tribute by The Story Company.

Newborn On-Location Photo and Video Shoot with The Story Company

Some of our favorites:

Review of The Story Company and Some Behind-the-Scenes Photos 

1. Communication

From our initial contact, The Story Company has been a pleasure to work with. They responded to emails and text messages immediately throughout the whole process. They’re also very informative as to how to prepare for the shoot and what to expect, which is helpful especially for first-time parents like us.

2. Professionalism

The team arrived about an hour earlier and began setting up in our bedroom. They did some test shots with natural lighting and engaged with us well. Their professionalism shone through from the setup to the care and connection they shared with our little one. It goes beyond words and it’s something we’re happy about.

3. Newborn Photography Expertise

Iza Berenguer, the creative brand manager, is a baby whisperer! She was incredibly in tune with our baby’s mood and has managed to pacify and calm him down when he was crying. She didn’t budge a bit when he pooped (whoops!).

Overall, the team took proper care and was patient during the shoot, so my husband and I were able to just sit back and relax in the room. It’s obvious that this team is an expert in handling babies and has a natural eye for taking beautiful shots (despite our baby’s fussiness). They know how to comfortably pose the baby, and they also gave enough time in between setups for feedings and cuddles to make sure the baby is 100% happy, safe, and relaxed.

4. Props

I sent them my pegs and they also provided a shot list through email. I’m happy I didn’t have to buy the props since The Story Company has all the baskets, fabrics, warm and fuzzy wraps and blankets you’d hope for. With their props, you have one less thing to worry about. 😉

5. Price for Value

The on-location newborn photo and video session with The Story Company is definitely a worthwhile investment. The Newborn Portrait Session package comes with 40 digital image files (edited), 1 teaser video (30 seconder), 1 full video (3 minutes), and a keepsake box with 3 pieces 5×7″ photo and matting. Their outputs turned out great, and we received them on time. We’re so thrilled and we’ll cherish them for a lifetime. It’s evident that they paid attention to the cute and tiny details.

I highly recommend The Story Company to parents looking for a baby photographer in Metro Manila. Visit them on Facebook and Instagram to see some more sample pictures and get an idea of the kind of magic they create. If you have time, drop by at their newly opened store in Level 3 SM Aura Premier. For inquiries about newborn photography packages and rates, contact  share@thestorycompany.com.ph or call 0995 2323282 / (02) 4038067.


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26 Responses

  1. Candy

    This is a big thing around here where we live. At home is so much easier than having to take the baby out.

  2. Sarah Bailey

    How gorgeous are these photos and it is so interesting to see a little behind the scenes about how you do it as well. I think that seeing the little one at home is perhaps a nicer idea than in a studio – they are memories of everyday life at the start.

  3. Amber

    I love these photos! I’d prefer to do newborn photography at home. I wish we could have done this when my kids were tiny, but we were pretty broke.

  4. Kimberly Storms

    I love that they came to your home rather than taking such a tiny little one to a location that has many others germs in it. Plus, if little one is fussy, she is home and you have all the things there that might comfort her. Our little one would only settle down sometimes with a quick walk down a very broken driveaway, she liked the bumpy ride for some odd reason. Anyway, your photos are so lovely and it looks like it was well worth hiring them!

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I think this is an awesome idea. Having newborn photography in the comforts of the client’s home is great. No driving to the studio, no diaper bags and extra clothes to take!

  6. Sara Smith

    Congratulations on the newborn, it looks like photography went well. Story Company looks like professional. The black n white images are well clicked. Thanks for sharing your experience


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