When it comes to the fashion industry, everyone loves talking about some timeless and essential items. Such an amazing phenomenon like classic fashion really merits attention because it can be quite challenging to find something invest-worthy in a load of new arrivals.

What Is Classic Fashion?

Generally speaking, classic fashion is a style that stays in fashion for decades or even centuries! More to the point, you commonly divide all the clothes in your wardrobe into two groups: the seasonal trendy items and the classics (or essentials). Both groups are crucial for you and your image, but you should focus more on the second one.

The classics are such pieces in your wardrobe which you can wear over and over again and don’t be afraid of getting them out of style.  So, the classic fashion consists of the items which can stand the test of time and become the lasting part of your wardrobe. The wardrobe basics help you create a more confident personal style and, moreover, stop wasting your money on seasonal trends.

Are Animal Prints Still In Style?

Animal prints are one of the oldest classic fashion trends. Animal-print clothing has long been a wardrobe essential for stylish women. Europeans started colonizing Africa and Asia in the 18th century, since then the exotic patterns of tiger, zebra, snake and leopard skins were reproduced on fabrics. Thus, animal prints began to be more and more popular with each passing year. And this year has been no exception!

Why are animal prints still in style in 2018?

The answer is very simple. Animal prints are considered the neutrals because they are usually made up of black, beige and brown. So you can wear animal-print items with almost anything and look fabulous.

Below you’ll find 5 more timeless fashion trends that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe.

Classic Fashion Trends That Never Go Out of Style

1. Blue Skinny Jeans

It is hard to imagine the woman’s wardrobe without a lovely pair of classic skinny jeans. That’s really amazing how women could live without jeans before they were created! This truly timeless fashion trend never goes out of style because it can transform the way you look and feel in a matter of seconds. You can match your blue skinny jeans with a silk blouse and heels or with your favorite shirt and comfortable ballet flats. And in any case, you will look sexy and stylish.

2. Collared Shirt

Universal, simple and trendy… You can dress a collared shirt everywhere and it fits perfectly almost all outfits you own in your wardrobe. A collared shirt is a great option if you’re going to work. You can wear it under your sweater, suit or blazer. And if you want to feel comfortable sitting in a café with your boyfriend, you can put on your cool collared shirt with jeans or pants and open up several top buttons to look hotter.

3. Little Black Dress

What piece of clothing can make most ladies look slimmer than usual? Of course, it is a pretty little black dress (LBD)! The black dress is an ideal option for any season of the year. Besides, it comes in a lot of various styles. You can choose between the fitted and the loose options, the casual and the embellished dresses. You can wear your nice LBD with or without some cute accessories (in most cases, this depends on the event) and be sure that nobody notices that your perfect outfit isn’t new.

4. Blazer

A blazer is another essential and one of the most versatile items in the woman’s wardrobe. The outfit options with the blazer are endless. The blazer is a perfect addition to any outfit and it actually can be worn for any occasion as it is considered high fashion. The well-fitted blazer matched with a cute dress or skirt, a pair of pants or jeans makes you look polished and elegant.

5. Black Pumps

One more wardrobe essential that never goes out of style is a pair of black pumps. If you invest in quality, classic style, black pumps, you`ll make the right decision. Such pumps will be trendy for a good many years and there is no limit to what you can wear these basics with. So, the pair of black pumps (no matter leather or suede ones) is a safe solution when you want to look feminine and charming.

Fashion Trends that are Out of Style

You should also know the fashion trends that are out of style now in order not to look ridiculous! Go through the list of outdated clothing and be ready to say goodbye to the top 10 trends that are out of fashion today:

  • Off The Shoulder Tops
  • Crop Tops
  • Pom Poms
  • Corset Belts
  • White Sneakers
  • Kardashian Outfits
  • Overly Ripped Jeans
  • Chokers
  • T-shirts with Silly Statements
  • Bucket Bags

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