The arrival of a baby is a special occasion for parents and family. Just as stars make the otherwise plain sky look beautiful, so do children in the life of parents. Therefore, parents are incredibly excited about birth announcements.

Parents tend to start planning for disclosing this important news as soon as they get to know about the healthy pregnancy. The announcement of second and subsequent children is comparatively more straightforward. However, first-time parents are very nervous about how to go ahead with it. In this article, we give you ideas on how to plan the birth announcement.

Decide a Date of Announcement

One of the first and foremost things to decide is when to announce the birth. It can be announced before the delivery takes place by telling your friends and family the expected date. However, this is usually not always right.

One should wait until birth and then announce it to people. The expected date should only be disclosed to close family members so that they can be there if the need arises. You can send the expected date first to people that are important to you—afterward, a general message to all your acquaintances.

Mode of announcement

The next step is the way to go through with the revelation. Today, there are several methods available through which you can tell people about the arrival of a person that will mean more to you than yourself.

The first way is the traditional one. One of the parents or family members picks up the phone and starts dialing numbers. This way can be adopted to announce it to immediate family members and other extremely special people in your life. However, it is very time-consuming. One will have to repeat the same thing to all the people.

Another way is to use social media. Social media has made everything easier. You will only have to put up a post announcing the arrival of a baby, and there you go. It will reach all the people on your friend list. You can also tag people that you want to get to know quickly. You can also make a photo birth announcement by sharing a photo of the baby.

Another classic way is sending out cards with messages of the arrival of a baby. It is not an economical way, but if your budget allows, this can be considered.

Throwing a party

After the initial announcement, you can arrange a small party. This will act as a celebratory party with lots of fun after your return from the hospital. This way, you can avoid people visiting you for several days by inviting them at once. This party will also help you connect with your parents and take advice from them in case you need it.


A birth announcement is a significant event in a couple’s life. It is one of the most anticipated days. Therefore, making it memorable is very important. You must start planning for it early on so that when the time to execute all the things arise, you are ready for it.


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