This 2020, it becomes imperative to continue practicing social distancing, good hand hygiene, and cough etiquette. Developing a strong immune system is very important to have a great defense to prevent contracting COVID-19.

Getting regular exercises and physical activities, managing stress, having quality sleep, and eating nutritious meals are some meaningful ways to boost the immune health. To supplement a healthy diet, here are my top favorite products to help enhance the immune system.

Products from Healthy Options to Increase and Support Immunity

1. Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C Powder

This Vitamin C drink mix is a powder that dissolves quickly in water. It contains B Vitamins, Electrolytes, and other Antioxidants like Zinc and Manganese. Each serving provides daily immune support with more Vitamin C than 10 oranges. The taste is refreshing, with natural fruit flavors.

At the first sign or the slightest indication of a cold, I immediately pour a packet of this fizzy powder in a 12 ounce glass of water (you can use less) and drink it down. Sometimes I notice a scratchy throat or a bit of congestion, but my body seems able to fight it off. I really think this is beneficial.

I’ve been a fan of Emergen-C for months now (ever since the lockdown), and I think this can be helpful in boosting your immune system for long term, shortening the duration of your cold or relieving a headache soon after it hits.

2. Zand Echinacea Zinc Herbalozenge Very Cherry 15 Lozenges

When the cold weather hits, you can count on ZZand Echinacea Zinc Lozenges to provide some throat-soothing support. Formulated to help calm your throat, these lozenges include Zinc which may provide support for healthy immune function. The taste is a bit bland though that’s okay because it’s the zinc I want, not a flavorful candy. 😀

3. Natrol Vitamin D3 2000IU Fast Dissolve 90 Tablets

“Research shows that Vitamin D plays a much larger role in promoting health than simply helping build strong bones. Vitamin D helps regulate healthy cell growth, supports immunity, heart health and healthy aging.”

Love that this is not another giant tasteless pill I have to take! Natrol Vitamin D3 Fast Dissolve comes in strawberry flavor that tastes great and can be taken anytime, anywhere. Btw, “Fast Dissolve” is a delivery method whereby the tablet dissolves on your tongue and can be swallowed without liquids. Natrol’s unique Fast Dissolve technology allows tablets to dissolve up to 30 times faster than regular tablets. There is no after taste. No water needed. It is fast-acting and perfect for those that have a hard time with swallowing vitamins and supplements.

4. YoGourmet Freeze-Dried Kefir Starter 30g

Yogurt and kefir are great ways to strengthen the immune system. These provide the body with helpful probiotics, a set of live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial to improving digestive health. Having a healthy digestive system is important, since the gut bacteria has an impact with our immune system and influences our health. There are a lot of different strains of probiotics, but the most common is lactobacillus, which is found in yogurt and kefir.

The good thing is that we can make kefir at home without the bother of using kefir grains. Wit the gluten-free all-natural Yogourmet Freeze-Dried Kefir Starter, you can create kefir by mixing the powder with coconut milk, coconut water, or any milk of choice or even a smoothie then follow the instructions on the back label. You can also save part of a batch of kefir and use that as a starter, so one packet will make more than just one batch.

5. Solgar B-Complex with Vitamin C Stress Formula Tablets

Vitamin C is an immune-supporting antioxidant, which helps fight free radicals that can lead to oxidative stress and the premature aging of cells. With unique stress support formula, including a natural blend of kelp, acerola, alfalfa, parsley, rose hips & watercress, this supplement boosts energy and mood. It’s potent and has good value considering strength and purity.


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10 Responses

  1. Kathy

    These are some great products. I’ve used a few of these brands and I love them. They’re wonderful.

  2. Bri

    Emergen-C! I love that stuff! I am slightly iron deficient and vitamin C facilitates the body’s absorption of iron so I take it daily!

  3. Rosey

    My granddaughter had me looking all over the grocery store for kefir once. I initially idea what it was but now I am well versed. 🙂 I agree, it is important to build up our immunity.

  4. Marysa

    I have never made my own Kefir, and it sounds like it would be fun to do at home. I also like zinc lozenges.

  5. Mama Maggie's Kitchen

    This products sounds really good to have. I will keep them in mind especially because they are about health.

  6. Anosa Malanga

    I love healthy options. We really need to take good care of ourselves especially nowadays that we should not be sick. Most of the brands suggested are indeed good products.


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