Everyone wants to save money when it comes to fashion. With discount websites, outlet stores, and more fashion can be affordable. One of the ways people learn about sales, discounts and other places to get good deals is by reading blogs and looking at deals others have found and curated for them.

If you are one of those people who is constantly finding deals and sharing them with others, or if your friends always come to you when they need to go shopping for a good deal, you may want to consider starting your own blog. How do you get started? Here are some tips and tricks.

Let’s Get Technical

First of all you will need to get a place to blog, which means you will need to set up a website of your own. Fortunately this is a pretty easy thing to do with modern tools and intuitive website builders. The process involves a few simple steps:

  • Select a domain name: You need to choose a name that is relevant to fashion but that is unique. Keep it simple to say and spell, and use an online domain name search tool to see if the name you want is available. Once you have selected and purchased a name, you can move on.
  • Get Hosting: You will need a host for your site. At first, start with shared hosting. This is the most common type of hosting and the least expensive. Once you build to a higher amount of traffic, you may want to look at dedicated or self-hosting options.
  • Design your site: There are many fashion templates out there from a number of different providers or you can modify another template or if you have the skills design your own site from scratch.

However, you follow these steps, these are the shell of the things you need to have in place before you start to blog.

Create a Content Plan

You have heard before that if you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time, and the same is true for a blog. You will need to have a goal in mind, what message you want to share, and how you are going to share it.

You will also need to set up a predictable schedule to keep yourself on track with posting often, but also so your readers know when to check back to find new content. The more regular your posts and updates, the higher you will rank on Google and other search engines, and the more readers you will gain. But how do you find that audience?

Finding Your Audience

Finding your audience is related to a couple of things. First you will need to know what people are searching for when it comes to affordable fashion. You can go by the things you and your friends search for, and that is a good way to start, but there are more sophisticated tools to make sure you are posting content that will get attention.

Second, you need to know where to talk about that content. From Facebook groups to Reddit to the right hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, you need to know where your audience is talking about affordable fashion. This is pretty easy to do with some simple searches on social media, or even with tools that will show you popular hashtags.

Finding your audience is great, but you need to have your own social media presence as well, otherwise how will they know who you are and that your opinions can be trusted? This means that you must share others posts and not just be self-promotional. Social media is social, so befriend your audience and you will be ahead of the game. Connect with other influencers as well, as they can help spread the word about your website and blog.

Go Shopping

You will need some fashion and some experiences to write about, so you will need to go shopping. This probably means shopping online and in person. Learn the local places to go, but also the things on the web, and national chains that your readers will have access to. The broader your experience, the larger audience you will reach.

Of course, you will be shopping for you and your family, so that will be your first niche or area of expertise. It is easier to write what you know and what you are passionate about and starting with your own needs and shopping habits will not only be easier for you, but better for your readers too, as you can speak with authority.

Of course, over time you can expand your expertise into new areas and blog about those too. Get to shopping and make your blog fun and filled with your passion.

Do the Write Thing

For a blog to work, you will have to write a lot. Stick with your strategy. Take notes as you shop, and set aside time to write your blog posts. Schedule them ahead of time so you don’t have to be home or even remember to post. Your blog will do that for you. Use online grammar tools or write your posts in Word or another word processor to make sure that your spelling and grammar is good.

Write in a familiar, conversational style. Let your personality shine through and be yourself. Those are the things that will set your blog apart from others in the fashion niche. Your voice is your most important asset.

Blogging about budget fashion can be a way to make your voice heard beyond just your friends and family who look to you for advice. Use this guide to get started, and become a fashion blogger today!


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