Daily hair and scalp care treatment infused with natural ingredients? Count me in! Milbon’s exclusive Plarmia collection is the newest treatment available at Style Hub Salon (Sequoia Hotel, Quezon City). Meant to “age-proof” your hair, the products utilize botanical extracts paired with innovative technologies to revitalize and restore soft, shiny, younger-looking hair.

If you have hair concerns like breakage, itchy scalp, dandruff, flakes, dry scalp, or dry hair, these are mostly because of the scalp’s inability to make enough oil to lubricate the strand and retain moisture in the cuticle. The Plarmia Treatment is recommend to create a great moisture foundation and keep the scalp and hair healthy.

Plarmia Full Head Spa Treatment at Style Hub Salon (Sequoia Hotel, Quezon City)

My sister and I made our way to the salon last Sunday to try it ourselves. The procedure was done in an hour, with four easy steps.

1. Plarmia Clear Spa Foam

The hair and scalp treatment process kicked off with pre-washing our hair with water, followed by the application of the refreshing Plarmia Clear Spa Foam. At Style Hub Salon, the hair expert administered hair shampooing with a gentle scalp massage for 2-3 minutes before rinsing well, to revitalize the hair strand by stand.

The Plarmia Clear Spa Foam purifies oily, flaky scalps and maintains healthy, younger-looking hair. It has the cleansing power of microcarbonation to lift and remove buildup, excess oils, and dandruff that regular shampoos cannot wash away—while increasing microcirculation. Special ingredients include Echinacea, Great Burnet Rose, Piroctone Olamine, and Soybean.

2. Plarmia Balancing Scalp Soap Shampoo

Next, the hair expert took an appropriate amount of the Plarmia Balancing Scalp Soap Shampoo as a foam base, massaged the product throughout the scalp and hair, and rinsed thoroughly.

Formulated especially for dry, sensitive scalps prompted by or accelerated with age, this shampoo effectively and deeply cleanses the scalp and hair without stripping its essential moisture and lipids.

3. Plarmia Balancing Scalp Pack

After shampooing, the Plarmia Balancing Scalp Pack was applied to our wet hair and gently massaged into the scalp. It felt so cool and soothing. The staff massaged our scalp once again, helping us savor a moment of relaxation.

Made to sort out dry, itchy and sensitive scalps, this scalp pack moisturizes the scalp to restore its moisture balance. Special ingredients include Kaolin Clay, Royal Jelly Protein, and Soybean. After a few minutes, we went to the shampoo bowl for another cool water rinse.

4. Plarmia Base Act Essence

Finally, our scalp was gently massaged with the Plarmia Base Act Essence which helps to increase microcirculation and promote the optimal environment for thicker, fuller looking hair. It’s like a leave-on conditioner treatment to reduce tangle and frizziness. The invigorating formula is packed with 11 nutrient-rich botanicals including licorice and white mulberry root known as ancient medicinal herbs. Our hair felt softer, and there wasn’t a speck of dandruff in sight.

Last step was blow-drying the hair into desired style. We were totally satisfied with the final result. 🙂

Photos in Action

Wrap Up

Oftentimes, people go to salons for hair treatments like rebonding, perming, coloring, styling, etc., but one thing that’s overlooked is scalp treatment. The scalp is like the skin; it has its own needs and should have a proper regime to maintain good health. Cleansing, nourishing, and caring for the scalp with the right products helps set a good foundation for healthy hair.

The wonder products designed for a delicate scalp have just arrived recently. With the Plarmia full head spa treatment at Style Hub Salon, you can have a thorough hair and scalp cleanse to remove excess sebum, prevent chemical overload that may lead to irritation or allergies, and treat certain scalp conditions once and for all. If you’re unclear of your scalp situation, contact Style Hub for a consultation and advice. Style Hub also offers the back bar treatment and head spa express.

G/F Sequoia Hotel, Mother Ignacia corner Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
For inquiries or appointments, call (02) 709 1877
Date Published: 09/04/2018
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