Shocking to say the least, I won the first SM Style Watch’s fashion challenge for the petite!

Prizes are: one magalogue (magazine-catalogue) of SM Ladies Fashion, one outfit and shopping vouchers which Mom has yet to claim on Friday.

Always an Aspiring Winner

If you have been following me through Twitter, you would know how much I’m a sucker for participating in online contests. It’s hard not to notice that I’m flooding Twitter streams with my entries to those contests.

Whether it be a writing competition, random raffle draws and posting of comments, I am always ecstatic to see myself on the spotlight as the winner. Through luck and chance, I have won beauty products, gift certificates and vouchers in the past by publishing reviews and buying online tickets. Winning a sartorial challenge appeared to be at the bottom of my list of expectations. So I was tad surprised and felt really happy when I saw the Facebook announcement and poster from SM Ladies Fashion’s page:

Actually, this was my first time to be featured for something related to the fashion department. The photo entry was taken by my sister one Sunday morning at the garden area of our house. She was patient to do several takes of me in several poses.Β δΉ– right? πŸ™‚

Style That Fits

In terms of styling for the outfit, I went with my usual getup nowadays: overall minimalistic corporate attireβ€”white coat (Folio), black button-down polo (from Taiwan) tuck into black slacks (Ensemble), green platform heels (Parisian) and no accessories. Since I don’t own much basic causal clothing and almost all of my clothes now are for the office, this ensemble can also best represent what I wear every day.

While I was preparing for the shoot, I noticed that most of the items in our closet are dark and monochromatic in color. In different shades, the only colors I have for the top are: black, gray, white, brown and blue. For the bottom (pants and skirt), I have the same plain and boring colors: black, white, brown. I’m not sure but maybe this limitation of color choices makes it easier for me to mix and match and choose clothes to wear on any given day. My most trusted strategy is to single in on one piece and then plot the rest of my outfit around it. But essentially, everything can just be paired with everything!

I’m not obsessed with fashion but after going over the stuff we have, I think that some degree of playfulness and brightness should be injected in our clothes soonβ€”in my next shopping spree. I imagine a lot of legwork left to do!

Have you also reviewed the items in your closet? Are there patterns and commonalities among them? Do you plan clothes to buy before shopping? What are your best picks for fashion? Please share your answers in the comment section. πŸ˜€


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28 Responses

  1. Noks Sosa

    Congratulations! I want to start sharing my styles too in my blog but I think I am so fat right now and my tummy is really bulging. Hahahaha. Redhorse pa! Anyway, I think being fashionable is wearing anything as long as you are comfortable with it. πŸ™‚

  2. jane

    omg! you totally rocked that look dear! i recently won most fashionable look year ender in a contest here in malaysia! Got some spehora vouchers and shopping spree also hihi thanks xx

  3. - Justin -

    wow congrats!!! I wish I knew these contests.. and sana meron sila for guys.. if ever, sasali ako!! haha.. again, congrats.. plus, your top is so rocking awesome!

  4. Alwin

    Congratulations! It always feel good to win. I also join contest but I don’t have the guts to join those involving me in a photo. Cheers for more winning! πŸ™‚

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Thanks, Alwin! It was a good thing that the mechanics did not include having to ask friends to like the photo (more likes more chances of winning) but just to submit the photo to them and let them do the judging.

  5. che

    Hehe.. I suddenly remembered the days when I was also still in the coporate world. Same colors as yours, black, blue, brown, white.. πŸ˜€

  6. Pal Raine

    Well done and congratulations sis! The fruit of your labor is sweet, and I must say you deserve it. Congratulations! I knew that if someone could do it, then it must be YOU. Enjoy the momentum of winning. Once in a lifetime PRIZE is always remembered forever.

  7. ralph

    the clothing fits you well… you deserve it. congratulation, and i know it won’t be the last. Yahweh bless.

  8. Kenneth Ravida

    Congrats for winning that contest? ika nga simplicity is beauty, as the contest themes is Basics


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