After about two months of planning and preparation, we finally made it through our division’s Christmas party last night. Here are the summary of details of the party:

Theme: Movie-inspired
Venue: Caixa Bar, 7232 Malugay Street, almost perpendicular to Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Time: 8PM-2AM
Contest/s: Raffle Draws, Christmas Tree Making Contest and Costume Contest
Presentations: The New Hires’ Performance Number and Rock-eoke (live karaoke)
Attendees: All ITS Employees, on-the-job trainees, vendors and some customers

Caixa is a Spanish-inspired bar and restaurant sitting inside Makati Golf Club, adjacent to classy restaurants in the square. Caixa is actually pronounced as “Ca-ha.” And according to my research, it is translated to “bank” in English.

We had a very hard time locating the place because of the lack of familiarity with the roads and streets in Makati. With an e-map on hand, we still had to stop and ask people around the vicinity for directions.

We reached Caixa after about an hour. As we found long queues in the food and photo booth sections, we first looked for a table and familiar faces to group with, saving the time for eating and taking of photos for later. When most had settled onto their seats, I got up with my iPhone camera and began covering the event like a secret agent with a mission. And that mission was to review Caixa Bar! 🙂 Here it goes…

Review of Caixa Resto and Bar (Inside Makati Golf Club)

Ambiance: ★★☆☆☆

The only lights that were on were the bright and colorful spotlights to the front area (a.k.a. the stage). The stage was taken by the rock-eoke band named “The Johnny’s” (part of the package offered by Caixa) with microphone stands and the drum set.

The entire bar was packed with tables and chairs with tiny spaces to move about. We had to squeeze in and walk real slowly while saying “Excuse me.” to those standing (because there were no enough chairs to sit in). Funnily, I overhead ridicules about the name “Caixa” turning to “Kasya”—a sarcastic way of saying that we can all fit in.

I wonder if bars are typically and should be like this; I haven’t been to any drinking bar before.

There were about 10 tables at the center proper of the bar, each paired to six to eight chairs.

At the back of the bar was the drinking table manned by two bartenders. It was ‘U’ in shape, filled with drinks/shots in different colors. There were high chairs intended for those who wished to sip big amounts of unlimited liquor and be wasted for the night, overlooking the ground before the stage.

Air conditioning was okay despite the size of the mob. There was a separate smoking area for the smokers, a space less chilly with white lights on.

Rest rooms were situated at the far right corner of the bar, beside the drinking table.

Two blocks of cement which (I guess) had to be part of the structural architecture of the room were blocking the view of some people (including me) at the back to see the stage.

I must say that Caixa Bar’s size failed to house all of us 150-200 people. Perhaps the good side to it is that it appeared like a cozy and intimate place where everyone can rub their elbows with everyone else. And that’s where the spirit of Christmas comes along?

Service: ★★★★☆

Bar staff were in maroon uniforms, so it was easy to distinguish them apart from the rest of us who were almost wearing all black for our costume. They were pretty attentive at all times. Food trays were immediately exchanged with new ones after finishing the last. There were no shortages of food or drinks, or at least none I heard of.

Food: ★★☆☆☆

Food entrees were not heavy for the stomach to contain. They were only pica-pica or snacks, consisting of: chicken fingers with garlic/sour cream, beef stew in sauce, pork chopped in bite-sized proportions, cheese sticks, white rice, tacos without any hint of crispiness topped with beef and cheese and sliced tomatoes add-on. For a vegetarian like me, none of these made up to my full definition of dinner.

Drinks were aplenty: water, iced tea, Chivas vodka mixed with Sprite or orange, beer, Scotch with another ton of flavors, and tequila shots. With these choices, I still had to stick to my favorite—water!

Price for Value: ★☆☆☆☆

Each of us was charged at different costs according to our position in the organization. Because I don’t drink alcoholic beverages and don’t enjoy rock bands, clubbing and partying mad like this, I give 1/5 stars for paying PHp 1000 only for a light meal. It was certainly not cheap!

The group paid a total of PHp 120,000 for the use of venue, unlimited food and drinks supply, rock-eoke band, and sound system.


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  1. Paul

    Do you think that minors would be allowed to enter? I am planning to watch a Halloween-themed show in the venue. Please reply. Thank you.


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