Let me introduce to you my bedtime pals, from left to right, top to bottom.

Here we go:

1. Bongga – a donkey who’s the best friend of Cheffe; bought in Baguio

2. Pulley – Pooh (face with no body); given by Willy

3. Lamian and Tang – a rabbit who has faces both front and back; bought in China

4. Bread – the violet gingerbread man; bought in Baguio

5. Momo – white mouse; given by Mom as my sister’s high school graduation gift

6. Misces Potts – violet mouse; given by Mom for my 21st birthday

7. Doo Ling – brown bear who’s the best friend of Pulley; given by Aunt Bibi from Hong Kong

8. Ujm – white sheep; given by Louie from New Zealand

9. Mangga – mango who’s the best friend of Bani; bought in SM

10. Mash – white jellyfish who’s a cousin of the three mousekeeteers given by Vinnie from Hong Kong

11. Octi – violet octopus who’s the little sister of Mash; given by my sister from MNL Ocean Park

12. Cheffe – the ultimate huggable chef; bought in Baguio

13. Piglet – Piglet of Winnie the Pooh; given by Aphu

14. Timmaya – large brown bone pillow; given by my team mates in IBM for my 21st birthday

15. Dodsy – pink mouse; given by my godmother for my 1st birthday

16. Bani – banana who’s the best friend of Mangga; bought in SM

17. Shrimpy Spinach or Shrimpach – white duckling who’s the boyfriend of Octi; bought in Baguio

Yesterday, Dad arranged them so well that I was prompted to take a picture of them. For sure, I’ll miss every one. I’ll only be bringing Dodsy with me because it is she that I hug when asleep together with Eyen and Flammy, two pillows I have since I was a baby.

Forgive me for being this childish but my stuffed animals are like my babies. I name them and talk with them. These little dolls are like millions of fans screaming my name as I walk on to “that stage with the lights”—or in real world scenario—as I come home. How?

My sister, Leigh, is the one controlling them with a baby’s voice. She’s the one who infuses a big fantasy world we escape into when we’re stressed out living the real. My role is to act as Achi Bert who’s the big sister in the whole “bed” neighborhood we call the Apple Street.

Why am I saying this? I wanted to post a memorable picture of them ’cause I won’t be seeing them for a long while. But more than that, I guess it’s to express that sometimes, life is full of drama that we have to deal with things in low spirits.

Playing with dolls is one of my outlets of releasing madness and a way to stay connected with the little girl inside me. It’s a fun fair; it’s like magic. If we have these small little “creatures” to play around [and a sister or a friend who can make them “talk”], we can regard them more as a balm to soothe our wounds or sought them as a lifeline to save us from drowning.


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