Sometimes we go through random pauses. When this happens, we not only start to think, but we also start to feel not just normal classified emotions, but emotions that we can’t think of words for.

Sometimes we spend time trying to describe the emotion to others, only to have it describing something else—because the emotion we have and the thought we have go together to ourselves but not to other people.

Why do we sabotage ourselves and keep these feelings inside? Maybe because we’re too scared to know what others might think of us, or we’re not ready to face the resulting circumstances that would emerge once our thoughts come into public.

Conversely, we wish that somehow we could touch others and they would fully experience what we are feeling. We wish to have someone to understand it. Maybe it would calm us down. Sometimes there is nothing, so we just wallow and wait for the emotion to pass. Then there are times by some chance when someone is going through the same thing at the exact same time; that is if we are lucky, because the best thing we can have at a time like this is someone who understands.

Last night, Louie and I had a long, dead serious conversation about stuff that concerns us. For what was expected to be an ill outcome from a decision, all became well.

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We’ve agreed to share problems right away for better understanding and settlement of good grounds and stop walking just around to avoid getting “bruises and scars” but go through the process of healing them. At this point, I’ve realized more that safe isn’t really safe after all. Unresolved feelings are like a brick wall around life—and that wall is stopping many wonderful experiences.

Not to go into the granular details: no masks, no shields, we’ll go into a trail, a big and powerful step for positivity. We’ve affirmed to keep strong trust, faith, commitment, guidelines and communication. For one, I believe everything would work if we put the time and effort into making it work.

Half the fun is taking risks and seeing if they pay off. And second, as Dr. Phil says,

“If you’re in love with somebody, you will swim the stream, you will climb the mountain, you will slay the dragon…”

Sometimes we go through random pauses. We should take advantage of these short breaks to highlight and discuss things that matter and even don’t matter much but we feel they’re right to dole out. We’ll see the imperfections, alright. But more importantly, we can search for ways to make up for them. Hey, the universe is friendly.


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