Raise your hand if you think you’re fat.

Most women I know think they look fat—even those who do exercise routines and are on some diet and who wear size small in clothes. For those who are constantly trying to struggle with losing weight (and like me, scared of gaining love handles), I have good news to share with you. No, this isn’t going to be another health-related or body-building article. This is about fashion.

Every day I observe how ordinary people in the streets wear their clothes. I found that no matter how many clothing stores and high-end fashion lines today are emerging like mushrooms and reality TV shows showing tips on what to wear to complement and butter up one’s body, the common people still prefer to be “practical.” They normally just are clad with a plain T-shirt as top and denim jeans as bottom regardless if they look outrageously podgy.

What we wear speaks for us. Does this imply that these people I see in pacific thoroughfares wearing unflattering clothing don’t really care whatever or however they seem or appear to be? Oh well, the high-fat look is already their usual getup. But hey, if you’re the type who cares about your image, you have to be more careful and responsible in how you choose and wear your clothes. Yes, you can look thinner throughout the day without surgery or drastic diet. The trick: fashion.

From various people I have “scrutinized” and books and magazines I have read for improving the way of dressing up, I have learned the following things:

Anything of the same color for the top and the bottom is absolutely a no-no, unless you really want to stand out and look ridiculous. For example, shocking pink shirt with pink pants, or striking red blouse with red leggings. Oh! Hot…not.

Have a wide face? Pass up skinny brows that make the face look bigger. For eyewear, sport rectangular frames instead of round and square ones. For other accessories, shun away from dangling earrings. Instead, go for medium-sized, teardrop or stud earrings and long pendant necklaces with a big charm that doesn’t rest on the top of your chest.

On the heavy side? Big sweater, pleated skirt, balloon skirt and sweat pants make you look flabbier and frumpier. Your shirt or sweater should reflect your true size, not a size or two larger. Excuse yourself from shirts with round collars, giant hoop earrings or a thick headband, or anything that has teeth, claws or looks like it belongs to a Christmas tree.

Have a heavy top? Trash those bulky, across-the-body messenger or shoulder bags. Say goodbye to super voluminous tops that fit for maternity wear. Baby-doll dresses that try to hide the stomach are best left to kids. These types of blouses can more often than not make you look like you’re really pregnant. Also, avoid shirts with patch pockets and never wear anything turtleneck.

Have a cheeky face? Long, flowing layered hair with side-swept bangs gives the illusion of a slimmer visage.

Have a Buddha belly? Try to fit in a dress with an empire cut. This is because trendy silhouette creates higher waistline. To hide a wide tummy, wear lean jeans, slim pants or pencil skirt. Avoid wearing high-waist or thick waist-cinching belt that will only accentuate your tummy.

Have batwing arms? V-neck tops with three-fourth sleeves are best for you. Instead of a boxy blazer, go for a cropped jacket. Trade a denim jacket with a motocross jacket, and don’t even consider wearing a top with cap, puff or worse, banded sleeves.

Have thunder thighs? Please avoid wearing skinny jeans, especially when tucked in boots or paired with flats and espadrilles. Also, avoid cargo pants and peasant skirts that tier across the hips, tulip and trumpet skirts, pleated skirts and pants, micro-minis and shorts. Wide-leg pants, pencil skirts and wrap dresses that end just below the knee can make you look polished.

Fashion can be everything—it’s a way of life. Through a mix of pieces hither and thither, you can make things possible. If you’re fat, you can look thinner and the reverse is also true. We live in a time now when fashion is part of our daily lives and fashion with all its fabulous guises taking center stage.

So before you take that doorstep to the outside world, make sure to go by these general guidelines at least and follow not what’s in but what’s in and fitting for you.


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17 Responses

  1. Weng Iguis

    I already bookmarked your site particularly this post 🙂 Sadly, I’m on the plus size and everything you said here are great tips I can go to for my fashion choices 🙂

  2. Mai Flores

    Believe it or not, I was taught these tips back in college since I studied Fashion Design. May I just add the horizontal and vertical lines trick — it’s best to wear tops with horizontal lines if you’re a thin person who wants that extra width on their body. Vertical lines on the other hand are for people who want to have the illusion of being thinner and/or taller. 😛

  3. jane

    great info dear! i have long layered hair but can’t stand having a bangs though i am contented of how i look hehe xx

  4. Jo-ann

    I’ll try your tips, I am struggling to lose weight and it is really hard. I’ll better conceal my excess fats first.


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