For many people, Australia is the destination for their holiday of a lifetime. New South Wales has everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a holiday. Continue reading for our guide of things not to be missed.

Breathtaking Beaches

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to indulge in a spot of sunbathing or expend some energy by surfing, New South Wales certainly has plenty of beaches that will tick both of those boxes. Dubbed the whitest sand in the world, Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay looks picture perfect. More than that though, the water is incredibly clear and the temperature mild. It is an unspoiled area with little development, tucked away round the back of the town with just one road in and out. Definitely worth a visit for its calm and tranquil atmosphere!

Pebbly Beach in in the Murramarang National Park is another place worth visiting, though perhaps not for the reason you’d expect. Although the beach is lovely, the main draw of Pebbly Beach is actually the kangaroos. This area is one of the best in New South Wales to see the Eastern Grey kangaroos and they usually oblige by posing for a quick selfie, even enjoying a good pat too.

Food and Drink

Who goes on holiday and doesn’t want to indulge in the local food and drink specialties? In New South Wales, the food on offer tends to reflect the multicultural make up of the region with influences from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Greece, Italy, India and Africa. Don’t forget the incredible Australian cuisine that is on offer as well.

One of the best restaurants in the Hunter Valley prides itself on its modern Australian food with the extensive use of quality local ingredients. As a tourist, that should be exactly what you seek. Choose a place located in a special place with magnificent views and tranquil vibes.

Food you should certainly sample includes Sydney rock oysters (delicious!), red mullet, yellow-fin tuna, John Dory and fruits such as avocados (so fresh and tasty!), guavas, passion fruit and pears. Fine red and white wines are popular within this region. Be sure to try shiraz (if you’re a fan of red) and Semillon (for those who prefer white); alternatively, have both!

Amazing Attractions

Sydney is the place that most tourists head straight for when visiting New South Wales. It does have a lot to offer in the form of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach. But beyond the obvious lies an array of other attractions. Consider diving into the cultural world of Sydney’s museums, art galleries and theater.

Elsewhere, in New South Wales, head for the Blue Mountains, a World Heritage Area. It is an absolutely stunning place, perfect for indulging in a spot of hiking and sightseeing combined. It is also home to a range of antique stores, cafes, restaurants and accommodation (both luxury lodges and homely B&Bs), especially so in the small villages of Leura and Katoomba.


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    Beaches have always been my go-to relaxation spots. I love lying by the beach-side with my sunscreen on. Relieving all the stress from my mind and inhaling fresh air and cool breeze


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