Why an island for your holiday? Islands are associated with sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, hidden treasures, various water sport activities, seafood delicacies, and strategically-placed beach houses. When visiting an island for your holiday, it is essential to know what activities you can get involved in beforehand. This will help you set aside what will be fun and favorable for you and your family. Relaxing on a beach and enjoying the warmth of the sun while listening to the sound of the waves is rejuvenating for the soul. Here are a few must-do activities to get you started on your next Island holiday.

5 Must-Do Activities for Your Island Holiday

Scuba Diving

Do you want to have a close interaction with marine life? Scuba diving will allow you to explore as deep as the ocean floor. There are protected water areas that are safe for you. The ocean floor is home to a million species of exotic creatures and plant life. Scuba diving also allows you to swim with dolphins, turtles, and many more. You cannot visit an island with vibrant ringed reefs and fail to go scuba diving. It is a different world down there that is worth being added to your bucket list of adventure.

Whale Watching

Whales are among the most fascinating sea creatures. Swimming with them is not always permitted as they translate water bubbles as a disturbance. Watching, on the other hand, is mind-blowing. The best destination for whale watching is in Tenerife, where there are over 15 species of whales and several species of dolphins. Whale watching Tenerife is outstanding due to the crystal-clear waters, affordable prices, presence of whales throughout the year, a variety of boat excursions to choose from, and sunshine throughout the year.

Island Tour

Islands have a lot to offer, and you should consider exploring other parts besides the beach or sea. They have a tropical climate with mangrove vegetation along the coastline. Taking a tour into the island to explore its flora and fauna is a popular tour.  You will be able to see the meandering rivers, loud waterfalls, botanical gardens, tropical flowers, deep valleys, breathtaking canopies patterned by tropical rainforests, and the beautiful view of the sea’s horizon. An island tour usually includes a visit to the nearby attraction sites such as national parks, prehistoric sites, museums, and lakes.

Interact With the Locals

Due to historical isolation and colonial neglect, most islands have sustained authentic ancestral cultures. While on holiday there, you should take time to interact with the indigenous communities. Many hold different festivals and ceremonies that you can take part in and experience yourself. You can also watch and learn about their traditional dances and songs, which can be very exciting. Don’t just spend your entire holiday at the beach, go to the interior regions and learn a bit about the locals’ language, religion and traditional dress. Visit the fish markets on the beach and have a taste of seafood. Try local foods in nearby restaurants too.

Rejuvenating and Relaxing

Beaches are very popular for health and fitness activities. You can decide to sit at the beach in the evening, your feet feeling the water while watching the sun as it sets in beautiful colors. You can’t deny that this sounds peaceful and relaxing. What about a gentle massage after a long day? After all, the holidays are all about self-care. If you want to get in shape, visit a poolside fitness center and join yoga, tai chi, spin, or aerobics sessions while interacting with fitness enthusiasts. All in all, walking on the sandy beach and engaging in water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, underwater hockey, parasailing, jet-skiing, or surfing is enough exercise.


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