This month presented a tumultuous coaster of firsts and celebrations. Here’s a list of my first-time encounters which happened in June 2012:

  • Meeting other newly hired managers from different departments and branches in the company orientation
  • Meeting my teammates in the second day of work (actual deployment)
  • Knowing about the background of the projects I’ll be handling from a project meeting
  • Meeting the project sponsors/clients and appreciating that they are cooperative/willing to work together for the project’s success
  • Meeting the internal team for updates
  • Going to work as required on two consecutive Saturdays
  • Visiting the Mall of Asia Arena
  • Dining in the Oasis to celebrate the birthday of Louie and mine
  • Having free pizza for dinner because of a late Pizza Hut delivery last Father’s Day
  • Treating workmates to celebrate my birthday together with five other colleagues’ on a Friday night in a karaoke bar; singing duet with a person I didn’t know
  • Buying a coupon myself from a deals site where I purchased two pieces of vacuum compressed bags
  • Having my braces adjusted
  • Investing in the Forex market
  • Holding a VIP card/becoming a member of a clothing line because of my purchases
  • Incurring “one late” because my ID failed to register to the chronolog machine when I swiped it for like five times to log in from a snack break
  • Activating electronic banking service for my ATM card myself
  • Drinking Happy Lemon and Chatime milk tea in the Philippines

So lately, I have been hanging out online reading lots of articles and have happened to stumble upon this post: Steal Like An Artist. Main point is that everyone would have copied their ideas from everyone else.

Who’s to say that you’re original when others found out that your work is pretty similar to those which had been published earlier? We might have taken inspiration from hither and tither thus people would call us copycats. But in today’s world, where sharing is just a mouse click away, putting yourself with much originality after tweaking others’ original work then pretending that you feel quite comfortable/confident can be hard.

But who’s also to say that your presentation (original or the lack of originality thereof) won’t be successful or more successful than the former?

Even if your statements are cliché and even if they have been seen and done several times before, they could have provide impact and meaning to a different audience and in a different time. If you’ve got something to express and do with all your heart, then make it happen. It’s the YOU in it that makes it unique.

Thanks, Ke$ha, for TiK ToK. (I couldn’t think of a title for this post until I remembered your song. ♥)


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