The streets are quiet. All seemed hooked to watching the delayed telecast or live streaming of the Pacquiao-Bradley match. I’m no expert when it comes to boxing but to me, Pacman won the fight! Many are clamoring for the same–even “the champion” himself.

But we cannot reverse time and change the judges’ ultimate verdict. Timothy Bradley has beaten Manny Pacquiao in controversial split decision. In a short interview, Pacman said he has no problem with a rematch in November.

According to my Twitter feeds, Bradley has also expressed his willingness to bring back the title to Manny whom he also thought to be the deserving winner. He might just have been too excited when the announcement was made. He immediately jumped to the ring corner and screamed to the audiences. Everyone was nearly silent though. On the other side, Manny had his head bowed down. Obviously he was upset. A statement went through my head:

“We’re not built for fame.” 

Manny, through his long and successful career as a boxer, has happened to only glorify God and spread His message recently. And now that he lost to this young opponent, his faith would really be tested; he might put his faith to doubt.

If you’ve watched the telecast, however, you’ll see that he stood there and still clasped his hands to praise God after the announcement of the result. His eyes were almost bloodshot-red though. He admitted he wanted to cry. He was like hiding in the comfort of his humanness.

Point in case is that all glory belongs to Him alone. There the saying comes to life: “What goes up must come down.” In order to stay right, we tip back our heads to the heavens, lift gratitude to our lord and pray to save us from ourselves.

That’s about it. On other news…

My Nerves Can’t Settle With Being Unproductive

I have completed my first week at my new job. I forgot how this week can typically be boring, with no deep knowledge about the company (or team) culture, organization’s standard processes and other active projects. I dislike not getting anything done. (Each unproductive moment in a day creates the opposite of a positive connotation in my mind.) Maybe this holds true for most people? Maybe it’s normal, somehow.

To counter this, I’ve read loads of documents which got my head swimming and my eyes bleary. I’ve worked my brain far long but not to the point when my neurons stop firing impulses. I’ve used this time to find my place, accept differences from my prior working environment, know who’s who (but there are too many names and faces to remember I’m afraid I have short-term memory issues), attend meetings and learn how decisions are made.

Moreover, I often keep in mind that I have to do professional networking; blending with coworkers is essential. I have to spend time with them and others in the workplace to understand what they see as norms, challenges, problems, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

It will take time to earn their trust and respect; the least I can do for now is listen and be attentive to them while they show me the ropes. On that part, I believe I’m on the right track. 🙂



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