Countless of times, my mom would hope to win in the lottery game. And on cloud nine, she’d go on enumerating the things she’s going to buy and do with the prize money. Problem is, she buys a card to draw out her “winning” numbers only when she remembers numbers which flashed in her nighttime dream.

She so believes in this and she’s not alone. There are millions of others in this country (or in the world) who wish to win that jackpot to be more financially secure in life.

However, it’s common knowledge that the odds of winning in a lottery is a pretty big and long shot; you can get higher chances in playing poker and other games in the casino. In between though, this got me thinking:

If ever you become luckier than everyone else and win that giant prize of pot money, would you quit your day job? Or if you’re an entrepreneur, would you shut down your business to just tour around the world and have fun?

A resounding yes for an answer is reflective that you have to consider thinking about going after what you really want to do with your life, your passion for a dream job. Generally, regular employees work at least eight hours a day. 8 hours at work by 24 hours in a day is one third of your life in a day.

This is too short a time to spend doing something you don’t have strong feelings for.

During these two months that I’ve been on vacation (another way of saying it: unemployed), I’ve pondered and asked myself if IT is really where I feel home. For starters, I didn’t take up BS in Information and Communication Technology Management as my undergraduate degree for nothing.

I believe this course interests me because I want to gain more knowledge and experience dealing with people and technologies upfront. I also thought that opportunities waiting in line would be bountiful for graduates of the college of computer studies because (hello?) we’re now living in the technology era. Technology helps employees in any organization keep pace in the workplace, and it just revolutionizes businesses regardless of type and size.

The area of IT is wide in scope as it covers software engineering, network engineering, programming, database and systems administration, network administration, security and systems analysis, technical support, technical writing, website design, and a lot more. I was baffled where I’d be specializing in.

Thankfully, I got my chance to experience bits of almost each one and from there realized what I like most.

I’m happy and proud of all my past job experiences. I thought I’d try technical support (Mandarin) for an multinational company here next when I came back, as I already passed all the exams and interviews for the position.

The compensation and benefits package was also okay–in fact, one that matches my most recent job’s. But my mom advised me to stay put with one company and choose a role which would not frustrate and stress me out so much that I’d quit abruptly. (We know that call center jobs are totally frustrating.) So I had to let go and proceed on active job-hunting.

There may be too many “fishes in the sea” that the HR department has got not enough time in reviewing, screening, scheduling interviews and responding to applicants.

Pacing, to me, is very slow. Good thing I work as a part-time writer at home. Writing research papers, business papers, SEO articles and blog contents kept me mostly preoccupied; else, I might have died of ennui.

Over and hard, I waited and prayed for that suitable job to come. praying

Today, I have just accepted a job offer, formally joining the company who’s got it…(see the title).

As for the Q above, my answer is no.

God is good awesome. angel


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