The past year brought so many new memories, beginnings, and experiences for me. At the start of 2017, I began reflecting on things to be grateful for in 2016 and was already teary-eyed as soon as I finished typing the list. Accomplishments included major IT project implementations with my team at work, family trips (both local and international), new camera prime lens, new mobile phone, new car, and my engagement to my fiancé.

Suddenly, I broke down into happy tears not upon the realization that life was easy (in fact, it isn’t), but because 2016 was another year that proved that dreams can become a reality when your determination is strong enough. Everything that I envisioned to achieve was achieved. With proper goal-setting, some luck, creative ideas, personal growth principles, a lot of hard work and empowerment from the Dreambook, all the pain, stress, and struggles paid off. 🙂

May Your Dreams Come True – Life Coaching through Dreambook

“Everyone is born with dreams that are meant to come true.” 

Some people want to change something and have a better life but don’t know how. Excuses, procrastination, and lack of persistence often get in the way. For a dose of inspiration, a life-coaching journal called the Dreambook by Starlight Starbright Enterprises Co. offers a guide to help build dreams. It’s a “goal book” that keeps results-oriented people become focused, committed, and determined.

I have joined the Dreambook project way back in 2013. If you’re a dreamer who want to take the first steps in turning your dreams a reality, this is for you. Packed with colorful worksheets, inspirational quotes, and clear guidelines to follow through with actionable steps, the Dreambook can be your best resource to assess your current standpoint, set SMART goals, and manage your time and talents to reach their goals. Here are more reasons why you should create a vision board and get your own copy of the Dreambook:

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Dreambook

1. It’s not your regular planner.

One of the beautiful things about this workbook is that it’s unlike a regular planner or journal where you jot down notes accordingly based on a pre-formatted calendar of the year. In contrast, the days in the months are not printed, making the Dreambook usable any year you wish to start. Prayers and directions are printed on almost every page to keep you motivated and stay on track.

2. Free your mind of negativity and limitations.

Excuses are thieves that steal your dreams. Discouraging thoughts have the power to turn dreams into dust. The Dreambook is fitted with positive messages and reminders to free your mind from troubling roadblocks and bust bad influences for good. It’s like receiving pieces of advice from a trustworthy friend who can push you to ditch the things that hold you back and make you quit up on your goals.

3. Make your big dreams into smaller milestones that are specific and measurable.

Never let people convince you that your dreams are too big and that you cannot do something. We should all be reminded that limitations are self imposed and that the only person that can overcome them is our self. There’s a solution to everything and we can create so much if we think out of the box. However, I suppose anyone’s brain would be fried and overwhelmed after thinking through a long list of big dreams. With the right goal planning, mapping, and setting of completion dates, dreams can be turned into specific and measurable actions and you can make them happen.

4. Review goal achievement journey through monthly milestone checkpoints.

Professional life coaches ask regularly how we’re keeping up with our goals. This is the same with the Dreambook as it has parts for goal evaluation. Realigning and reviewing milestones are critical to reach greater success. I like this part of the Dreambook because it strengthens accountability to oneself. When you evaluate, you make yourself answerable to your goals. This exercise is also a good trigger point to plan the next strategies for execution.

Monthly milestone checkpoints should be an ongoing process that happens from the start of your goal pursuit, during, and right at the end. These serve as a constant feedback loop on the effectiveness of your actions and their implications toward the outcome. By reviewing constantly, you get immediate lessons which can then be incorporated to increase your chances of success. It gives you clarity on your performance thus far and prevents surprise at the end of the goal pursuit.

5. Share your journey and pay it forward.

Another thing you can enjoy while filling out the Dreambook is having the energy to share your dreams with friends and thanking them for prayers and support. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously allow others to do the same. We liberate each other’s fears and it gives tingles every time. Sharing, for me, is not about showing off, but rather, a divine experience that opens doors for others to engage in similar life-changing conversations.

Proudly declaring your dreams—and doing so powerfully can make like an unstoppable blaze of fire and this also helps reinforce your belief in yourself. Through the transfer of ideas and dreams, you bring a positive energy and enthusiasm to those around you. A message of thanks can make an impact and turn their day around for the better.

The Dreambook is now available at selected National Book Store branches and PowerBooks branches. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page here.

The Dreambook is not for people who simply dream; it is for people who are passionate about making their dreams come true.
Date Published: 01/24/2017


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10 Responses

  1. Shirley Wood

    How awesome that 2016 was such a great year! Congrats on your engagement! 2016 was a good year in our life as well. I like that old saying, “when you fail to plan, your plans fail.” I’m a list maker and a firm believer in creating one big goal then breaking it down into smaller bite size goals. One of my favorite things to do in January is look back on all the goals we wrote down last year and check off our accomplishments!

  2. Stephanie Jeannot

    That is a way of writing down your goals and a good way to work towards them. You have a valid point about this book. Seems like such a good tool to stay focused and grounded towards getting what you want out of life. Must better to me than a schedule book I think. Your seems like a better way to trick your brain into organizing and planning things for real.

  3. Joely Smith

    I LOVE this! As someone who has been a professional spiritual advisor, and life coach for over 2 decades I can say that this looks fantastic!
    Granted, I would never supplement this for therapy if that is what is needed, but we all can work toward healing ourselves. I would love to get my hands on one of these to try out for myself, and perhaps recommend to some of my clients. I am so glad that it has worked for you. It is also quite beautiful!

  4. censie

    I love using a planner and would be lost with out it but this is another great way to stat organized and still have time to write every day. I am going to have to look into these for my kids. What a fun book.

  5. Cacinda

    Wow, I have got to get myself one of these! I think that I would really benefit for this neat little planner. I am also glad that you had a great 2016, all the best this year.

  6. Valerie

    I love to hear happy stories like this. I’m glad 2016 was a great year for you and congrats on your engagement. I love books like this that give encouragement and get you working on your dreams and goals. I’m going to have to look for it and check it out.

  7. Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    I’ve never heard of the Dreambook before, but it looks amazing! I am a self-proclaimed planner addict and I’m known to be a dreamer in some aspects of my life. This would be a great way to stay on track with those dreams/goals and set small milestones.

  8. Tiffany

    Wow!! This sounds like such a great option to finding a planner/journal. I love that I can keep organized as well as inspired.

  9. Bites for Foodies

    I love planners!! Not as much as my friend though…she would go crazy over this! I’m definitely going to have to send her this link since it’s so up her alley!

  10. Echo

    I have never seen a dreambook before. It looks like an awesome way to plan and set goals. I am pretty bad at sticking with planners. I usually start them and never use them, hahaha.


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