When you hear “Fantastic Baka,” it’s hard to imagine that this restaurant specializes in Korean grilled meat. It’s one of the newest and best recommended places to eat unlimited authentic Korean samgyupsal in Quezon City. “Baka” means “beef” in Filipino, and there’s no doubt Fantastic Baka serves fantastic, premium cuts of beef—and pork. Meat lovers will truly rejoice! What’s most intriguing is that its head chef is Chef Jang Jungyun, a Michelin awardee and one of Korea’s A-list chefs. She used to work at the 3-Michelin-starred Seoul restaurant, Gaon. We came in its soft opening weekend and thought this place is perfect for large groups.

Review of Fantastic Baka Korean Restaurant (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)


With its spacious and cozy interior, Fantastic Baka in a nondescript setting is ideal for large groups. Most tables are built for four or more, and it’s a big place full of friends and families having a meal together. Isn’t that nice? That’s exactly what Fantastic Baka was designed for. There’s a penalty charge of PhP 200 for leftovers, so the more people in your group, the better and the merrier; you can pretty much sample the entire menu if everyone orders something different. With a minimum of 8 persons, customers may dine in one of the VIP high class rooms to enjoy eating more comfortably with privacy.

The combination of black and white elements and wooden finishes gives off an appealing, chic and sophisticated vibe. It bangs on trend and goes easy on the eyes. Love it!


At Fantastic Baka, a big part of the fun here is the cooking that you have to do yourself since the staff won’t grill the meat for you. That’s totally fine and all part of the experience. They do, however, willingly provide assistance in setting the fire of the grill and adjusting the height of the special smoke vacuum contraption over every table to stop you from smelling like a fire pit.

Getting more food is simple and easy. Servers are attentive and quick on their feet in serving orders based on the set you’re subscribed to. To minimize the mess, they also collect empty and used plates and bowls quite timely as necessary. They also clean or change the grill in between different meats without the need for customers to ask.


When it comes to eating samgyupsal, everyone wants to enjoy more of the taste and the tenderness of the meat, and not the fat. Fantastic Baka features Korean barbecue with premium meat less of the unwanted fats. The selection of premium fantastic beef includes: seasoned bulgogi, spicy bulgogi, plate, seasoned plate, brisket point, prime chuck eye roll, seasoned prime chuck eye roll, and hanging tender. Fantastic pork selections include: belly, thin belly, neck, seasoned neck part, jowl, seasoned bulgogi, and spicy bulgogi.

Side dishes (banchan) are absolutely free and also part of the “all-you-can-eat” deal: cheese, steamed egg, fresh salad, coleslaw, denjiang stew, japchae, deep-fried sweet potatoes, stir-fried fish cake, spicy mixed vegetables, kimchi, and fresh veggies. Rice and the four kinds of sauces are also unlimited. Drink-wise, you get your typical Korean beer, soju, soft drinks, water and juices at a la carte prices. For desserts, Korean ice cream is available.

Overall, Fantastic Baka provided yet another enjoyable Korean BBQ experience for us. The food delivered in spades for the most part, with each cut of meat substantial to the bite and some good charring to go along with the potent beefy and porky flavors.

Price for Value:

Among the multitude of Korean restaurants in Metro Manila, Fantastic Baka shines, thanks to plentiful portions of amazing food. This Korean restaurant near ABS-CBN in Tomas Morato area is also competitive with the other nearby restaurants spots, so do check it out! Prices of sets on the menu range from PhP 599 to PhP 799 per person. The sets consist of pretty much the same items: unlimited meat and different kinds of side dishes. The main difference is that the “premium set” (PhP 799) includes premium cuts of beef and pork.

with Chef Jang Jungyun

Be ready to get smoked and dive into delicious flavorful meat. From high-quality beef and pork cuts to tasty banchan, its authentic offerings are worth the price. Fast and helpful service and great ambiance are further pluses.

143 Grandia Building, Mother Ignacia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Date Published: 09/26/2018
For inquiries/ reservations, call 09158455899 / 7592181
4.7 / 5 stars

Review of Fantastic Baka Korean Restaurant (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)
Price for Value
4.7Overall Score


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