Once only the favorite of start-ups and SMEs, the coworking space in the Philippines appears to be evolving to welcome larger businesses. The coworking scene in Manila, more specifically, really has something for everyone. In addition to your standard basic plans, the amenities run the gamut between coffee in the morning to ones that offer their tenants legal services and employment assistance.

Because of the rise in popularity related to this particular work format, professionals looking for a coworking space in Manila are faced with many choices, in some cases, too many. Furthermore, looking for a coworking community in the city is not like looking for regular office space. The community, at its best, provides your business with the type of support that can translate into business growth, so looking for a space takes on a different importance.

Keep reading to learn more about coworking spaces in the city and how they can help your business succeed.

A Guide To Coworking Space In Manila

Types Of Coworking Spaces

Like in other cities, coworking spaces come in all varieties. You have the large, corporate spaces that can offer concierge services, and you have the smaller, quainter ones that focus on providing a comfy, cozy atmosphere for its tenants. However, coworking spaces usually can be classified in three ways – niche, industry-specific, and general.

The niche space caters to businesses with a particular mission, as in start-ups for example. Industry-specific coworking spaces place emphasis on catering to particular industries, for example, the tech industry has a number of coworking spaces that cater to the needs of the profession. Finally, general coworking spaces cater to all businesses.

While the advantages of each space vary, the benefit of renting the industry-specific and niche space is that you get to be in an environment where the needs of your business are directly addressed. Alternatively, professionals do not get the benefit of being exposed to as much professional diversity as you would when working in a general coworking space. The general coworking space, however, can provide your business with a wide range of services.

The Space’s Versatility

Coworking professionals can use their coworking space in Manila for a variety of functions. The first is as a workspace that can be used at your convenience. The second function is the one that can help catapult your business, and that is its networking function.

The way the coworking spaces are organised professionals can find themselves engaged in all types of conversation. Savvy professionals can use the space to network and form partnerships, some temporary and others more permanent. These collaborations help raise your business’s profile in the community.

Finally, use the space to promote your venture through public relations activities. These PR activities can help build your brand in the community and can help you make connections with other businesses. Activities related to hosting your own events to talk up your products and services, volunteering to manage the space’s social media site, or even putting together a monthly newsletter for the space can help boost your visibility in the space.

The Space’s Benefits

Coworking has a variety of benefits, but the more immediate one is that it can be a great way to save money on overhead. For cash-strapped businesses, coworking spaces typically place you in an office that is in or near the central business district and other centrally-located areas in the city, so you benefit from its premium location. Another benefit is the coworking space can aid in creating the foundation for finding mentors and building business relationships. Finally, many have pretty interesting perks.

Working in A Coworking Space in Manila

Coworking in Manila has made seeking and finding office space for entrepreneurs and professionals at all stages of the game simple. Whether you need affordable office space or you want to work while you hang out in some of the coolest working communities, consider any number of the coworking spaces that make up the city. Your coworking space can accompany your standard morning routine or can be as fluid as your business day dictates.


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