Life is a like a book, filled with beautiful memories. Some are good, some are bad but some are extra special which we don’t want to forget in our whole life. Those fantastic memories are spent with those people we love the most. It can be your boyfriend, too. Falling in love with someone special is a beautiful feeling! Love is necessary to have a happy life. So, it is also a necessity to relive those moments which you have spent with your love and make your beautiful bond stronger.

Today we have discussed some of the thoughts that can really heighten up your relation with new joy and happiness. We can agree on the fact that sweet delights always bring its sweetness in your relationship too. Then why don’t you try this out with a tasty cake?

This idea always works. It’s like a dream come true for all those with a sweet tooth. A slice of cake with a glass of wine is perfect for a date. It also gives you a chance to relive those memories when you have proposed to a special someone. That is why we bring you the list of awesome cakes.

Black Forest Gateau

The black forest gateau is a chocolate cherry layered cream cake. It is a classic cake with the layers of soft chocolate sponges with a hint of rum and cinnamon in it. One of the best cake shops in Bangalore, actually, all over the world, is Winni. Enjoy an extra moist and a perfect rich lip-smacking flavor of chocolate and amazing cherry toppings giving it both a magnificent look and taste. This classic delight will never fail to impress your love and definitely make her feel special.

Pineapple cake

Nothing could be more fantastic than a fruity treat. A pineapple cake is a moist golden cake soaked with a layer of whipped cream, giving a nice texture to it. The topping with the juiced pineapple slices makes this delight ready to gorge. This cake is incredibly moist and loaded with real pineapple flavor. The immense sweetness of this cake will really put a lovely effect on your relationship. A slice of this cake is an ideal bite for your date and even for celebrating happy moments.

Oreo cheesecake

Recall those happy and romantic moments you have spent with your special one with this Oreo cheesecake. It has a good balance of the crunchiness of Oreo biscuits and the smooth creamy flavor of cheesecake. Really, this cake is a perfect blend of happiness and creativity. It is such a classic and one of the easiest recipes you can also trying making at home.

Fudgy chocolate cake

A rich fudgy chocolate cake is an awesome treat for the chocolate lover. Yes! This cake scores an A+ for ardent chocolate devotees. This cake is recommended for all occasions and momentous events. It can be a gift which can be ordered or sourced from Karwa Chauth gifts online. The cake is topped with a thick chocolate ganache and a layer of chocolate fudge frosting on it which not only gives it a chocolaty look but also a nice taste. Here you got another cake that will surely fill your life with some unforgettable and nice memories.


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