Short brown haircuts are no destiny for chic hairstyles, no matter if you’re wearing traditional bob or a super short pixie. Now, there are lots of easy ways to come up with a new magnificent hairstyle every day – all you need is a little bit of practice and some inspiration.

Here’s a collection of top 10 glam ways to rock chocolate brown hairstyles that will become a complement to your hottest and most successful looks. The best part? You won’t need to spend more than 5 minutes in front of the mirror to do your hair. Scroll down to check the best ideas.

10 Ways to Style Your Short Brown Hair

1. Bobby Pin Solution for Short Brown Hair

Probably, the easiest way to update your asymmetrical bob and give it a trendy vibe is to play with bobby pins. All you need is to take a strand near the face and fix it behind the ear. Also, you can try not to hide the pins under the hair, making the accent on them, or curl the hair and twist the strand before you fix it. Just play by your own rules to create unique images.

2. Sleeked Up Bun Hairstyle

The second-day hair does not always mean a bad hair day. If you style a sleeked up bun, using a hair product, this is gonna be the best hair day ever. Experiment with low and high buns for different outfits to look incredible on every occasion.

3. Messy Top Knot Idea for Short Hair

In contrast to previous elegant sleek and smooth hairdos, such messy top knot will be more appropriate for casual wear. However, it also is a solution for those bad hair days of your short brown haircut.

4. Braided Chocolate Brown Hairstyles

Short chocolate brown hairstyles will look completely different if you add a braided twist to them. Make a central parting and separate small strands of hair near the face. Add new strands as you go along the back of your head with your French braid and end up with cute little buns or just fix them with small elastics or bobby pins. Also, you can create only one braid going behind the ear for a more romantic look.

5. Half-Up Half-Down Sleek Styles for Short Hair

Sleek half-up style with a ponytail or a top bun is a great way to add some creativity to classic traditional styles. These ideas of short brown haircuts styling are the best option for those who can’t stand messy hair but still wanna add some fresh notes to their traditional images.

6. Low Messy Ponytail

This is the hair-do you can easily make on the go even without glancing into the mirror. A low messy ponytail is a kind of versatile comfort, which will always be in fashion.
However, you can give a touch of creativity to this basic upstyle by adding twisted strands on both sides.

7. Charming Updos for Short Brown Hair

Wanna go for a sleek and sophisticated look? Slick your spiky pixie or classic bob back. There are lots of ways to style short brown haircuts into a gorgeous updo for a special occasion. All you need is several bobby pins, a pretty hair accessory, and a little bit of patience. Just look at these fantastic hairstyles. Yes, they’re created on super short cuts.

8. Messy Top Knot Half-Up

It looks like a careless messy top knot half-up has become the most popular hairstyle with ladies all over the world. No wonder that our list of the best ways to style your short brown hair couldn’t do without this hairdo. They look divine on shoulder-length bobs and is super easy in styling: just tie the hair at your crown into a high ponytail, wrap it into a tight knot, and secure with bobby pins.

9. Easy Twisted Styles for Short Wavy Hair

These chocolate brown hairstyles are the example of how to spice up an ordinary loose wavy hair. All you need is to grasp two wisps of hair on both sides of your center parting, twist each of them tightly or carelessly (depending on what look you’re expecting to get), and combine them at the back of your head with bobby pins.

10. Tiny Buns Idea for Short Hair

Double tiny buns or top knots are a genius styling hack for short brown haircuts. Up or down, they look super cute and can add both romantic and sporty-chic vibes to your boring everyday image.


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