Girls with medium hair length like me have a great variety of hairstyles and updos to choose from. However, I really know how difficult it can be to find the right hairstyle for specific occasions such as a prom, anniversary, wedding or just when you want to do something different and look fabulous. Here I’ve selected the most stunning updos for mid-length hair that help to maintain an elegant and unique image.

Sparkling Updos For Medium Hair

Messy Updos for Medium Hair

Messy updo hairstyles are very popular among girls with mid-hair length as well as short and long tresses. They are easy to create at home and are perfect for both formal and casual events. Messy updos look simple, varied and original. That’s why I love them so much! So, take some bobby pins and enjoy these easy updos for medium hair which, in my opinion, deserve your attention.

Jumbo Horizontal Braid Updo

Horizontally braided, a big braid looks like a cute bizarre bun. Just gently tuck the end of the braid and in order to make your updo lacier, pull out each piece of the braid. Such a versatile updo is good for any occasion. Besides, for a romantic finish, you can leave several loose tresses around your face.

Low Bun with A Lovely Headband

Getting a low bun is one of the most widespread ways to create a cool messy updo in a few minutes. However, if you want to diversify this simple hairstyle, you can add some interesting accessory to it, for example, a headband or scarf. Before twisting your hair into a low bun, just wrap it around a beautiful headband and that’s all – your wonderful messy updo is ready!

Voluminous High Bun

If the volume is your aim, you can try this fantastic updo. It is really great for thin medium length hair because, finally, you get a voluminous, elegant and impressive hairdo. By the way, it isn’t so difficult to create this masterpiece. Firstly, you need to do a high ponytail and then gradually curling and pinning hair around its base.

Formal Hairstyles for Medium hair

But still, some of us prefer more formal hairstyles or this is required for the event. When it comes to formal updos, tresses of medium length can present a very pretty, moderate and stylish picture! Sometimes I also opt for formal updos when the occasion demands. Well, with these my options, you will always attract public attention and look stunning!   

Stylish Low Side Bun

Elegant and chic, this formal updo makes your hair look sleeker. You can style this hairdo not only for formal events and it will add special charm to your image. But don’t forget to use pomade or serum in case of frizz emergencies to make your look as sleek as possible.  

Simple French Roll

French roll hairstyle is one of the easiest updos for medium hair length that look classy and sophisticated. French vertical twist isn’t difficult to create and it doesn’t require much effort to maintain, but it looks extremely gorgeous.

Romantic Medium Length Chignon

If you’re looking for the easy updos that can be created in a couple of minutes, pay attention to this lovely chignon. Just roll and you are free to go! Remember, a chignon is ideal for mid-length hair because it gives the fullness and volume to your hair and, moreover, it is perfect for any formal event.

How do you find my favorite updos? What updos do you like the best? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.


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