Being a godparent is perceived as an honor for Christian people. When parents ask you to be a godparent, it means they recognize you as a good role model. The parents trust you enough that they perceive you as person worthy to share the responsibility of guiding, nourishing and cherishing their most precious child.

Bear in mind that you have a unique position to influence your godchild. Someday, when they grow old enough to recognize you, they will surely look up to you and model their behavior after yours. As a responsible godparent we take the role as serious as possible. The journey can be exciting and nerve-racking; I mean, how do we really know we are having a positive impact as a godparent? What makes a great godparent? I happen to have three godchildren, so let me share to you my guide to be the best godparent anyone can have.

Your Guide to Being The Best Godparent You Can Be


Remember that one of the godparent’s main functions is to guide the children to the right path in life. How can you build rapport and influence if you are rarely seen, and your presence is hardly felt? Spend time with your godchild and be consistent with your presence. Attend special occasions for your godchild including religious celebrations like birthdays and Christmas, or even school and sports activities.

Offer Spiritual Guidance

Be a role model on how to live a Christian life. Set an example and show your godchild the proper way to conduct oneself base on your faith. Display moral values that will set him up for good in the future.

Be a Life Coach

A child needs more than the influence of their parents and relatives to shape their character; outside factors like a godparent can greatly help mold the child. More than just a spiritual guide, godparents can be their godchild’s life coach. You are in a good position to give a different perspective and provide solid advice in their life with a different outlook. Actively taking part in their life events will create great opportunities that are perfect for passing on wisdom.

Give Them Gifts

The giving of gifts has been a proven way to build affection, and express devotion, since mankind’s early days. Remember those special occasions, events, and milestones in your godchild’s life because these are the best times to give those gifts. I remember as a child, I regarded my godparents as real-life Santa Clauses. Every gift I received from them were extra special, and they made simple events into special occasions that I always looked forward to.

Godparents should actively participate in gift-giving holidays and occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Usually, godchildren expect a whole lot more from godparents, so make an effort to buy presents that are of great value, quality, and something personal to them, such as a perfect new shirt or pair of pants for their wardrobe. We are in a position to make things more special.

Support the Parents

In a way, as a godparent, you were hired by the parents to help them raise their child. Some stages of life can be tricky, especially those rebellious teenage years. This is a time in life where your godchild needs direction more than ever, and for them, listening to their parents is an annoying obligation.

As a godparent, you are in a spot where you can influence them, but without the pressure. As a result, they will listen to and heed your advice. But don’t forget: your primary obligation is to support the parents as they raise their child, and reinforce their decisions with your godchild.

It is a spectacle to see your godchild grow and mature before your eyes, so keep in touch with them throughout their lives. View your position more than just a commitment until they reach independent age. Yes, they can fend for themselves, but the reality of life is harsh and it can be easy to lose direction. You are their guiding light. You are their godparent.


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