Having a portable Wi-Fi hotspot for international travel is always a must for us. We like staying connected for online communication (in case any of us gets lost), transportation guide, social media, video streaming, and emails. We went to Taiwan during the Holy Week and got a handy mobile Wi-Fi from Big Sky Nation: Skyroam. It’s our first time to try this travel Wi-Fi provider, and we’re happy to say we had a great experience. Here’s a short review.

5 Things I Like About Skyroam Travel Wi-Fi

1. No Hidden Cost, No Unnecessary Expense

Skyroam 4GMate is a virtual SIM enabled Wi-Fi hotpot that can be used in over 100 countries. We prefer using this over roaming because it connects to the strongest local network of the country where you’re traveling. Best of all, you’ll not be shocked when you see your bill because you just pay per use. For a list of prices per country, visit their website here.

2. Up to 16 Hours of Battery Life

Skyroam 4GMate is powered with 5,000 mah and its battery life extends to 8 to 16 hours, depending on usage. In our case, we did not experience having low battery while outside. I charge the device while we sleep at night and unplug it in the morning, to make sure it’s fully charged for our whole day of travel. The device screen indicates a power bar so you will know its battery life.

3. Safe and Secure, Better Than Public Wi-Fi

Taipei is pretty much a tech city. Free Wi-Fi is almost everywhere around, especially in malls and coffee shops, but there are some risks. Usually, free Wi-Fi areas attract cyber criminals and sometimes the connection speed is slow since you’re sharing with a lot of other people. Finding a fast and reliable connection is a bit hit and miss. Skyroam 4GMate provides a more secure connection than public Internet connection. You can have access on the go without hunting down the signal of Wi-Fi spots or incurring data roaming fees. The connection is high speed and great! Check out my Instagram Story highlights for all the posts I’ve shared during the trip while using Skyroam’s connection.

4. Shareable Connection, Up to 5 Devices

Taking Skyroam with us took away the hassle, time, and stress for a good internet connection. My husband and I shared the device and we simply turned on the portable device for research and stream whenever we wanted. It did provide total freedom! If you’re traveling with a bigger group, it can connect to up to 5 different devices so you can split the cost between the group.

5. Renting is Easy

Getting a travel Wi-Fi device from Big Sky Nation is quick and easy, but it’s still better to give yourself a couple of days to allow for it to arrive before you go on your travels in case of any delays.

To rent the device and avail of the service, here are the steps:
1. Visit their website at https://bigskynation.com/
2. Fill in the booking form which takes 2-5 minutes.
3. Pay online using the various card options.
4. Receive a confirmation email and wait for your Skyroam device to arrive. Big Sky Nation can deliver to your home address or office address, or to the airport. Once you are finished with the device, simply put in the provided pre-paid envelope and send back the travel Wi-Fi.

#TravelWithBigSky Wrap Up

When we travel, we find ourselves checking local transit maps and Google maps constantly. We often save the places we’re going to be while on Wi-Fi, but that doesn’t help when we need to do some research on the go. It’s nice to have our Skyroam with us so information will always be at our fingertips whenever and wherever we need it.

Whether you’re a full-on digital nomad or simply like to stay regularly connected while away travelling, SkyRoam is a great option. You can rent the wi-fi travel device directly through their website or call to inquire about other products and last-minute bookings. Use my Skyroam coupon code TRAVELMODE to get 10% discount. 😉 

💻 www.bigskynation.com
✉ info@bigskynation.com
📞 02-403 1399
📱 0918 964 7626

Review of Skyroam Travel Wi-Fi (Use Coupon Code TRAVELMODE to Get 10% Discount)
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Renting Process
Price for Value
5.0Overall Score


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17 Responses

  1. Jeanette

    That is a really good idea. We travel quite a bit and I’m always looking for a good while my hotspot. Now I can just carry it with me.

  2. Alli Smith

    This is a great idea for traveling. It’s often hard to find WIFI and I don’t like to join those unsecured networks. I love this idea of having a hotspot with me while traveling.

  3. Candy

    We purchased one of these and love it. My husband travels all the time and said this perfect

  4. cait

    my husband just got one of these and LOVES it he said it was the perfect thing to bring when traveling anywhere! i need one now!

  5. Melissa Chapman

    I am always a little leary of public wi-fi so this seems like the safe way to connect. I must try this because I always need to travel with wi-fi.

  6. Amber Myers

    This would be perfect for traveling. I always wonder about WiFi if we were to travel far, so this would be perfect to have.

  7. Liz Mays

    This is really helpful. I have to do business online while traveling quite a bit so a reliable wi-fi is important.

  8. Nikka Shae

    This is such a good way to travel! I will keep this in mind when I travel this summer!

  9. Dennis Littley

    This looks like the ideal solution for an internet connection while traveling. A good wifi signal is not always easy to come by. I like this idea.

  10. K. Elizabeth

    I will definitely look into Skyroam. We’re planning our first international trip and the first thing my daughter asked was about was how would we use the internet. LOL.

  11. Lisa Favre

    16 hours of battery life?! Whoa, that’s so impressive! This is definitely something to consider – especially whilst travelling.

  12. Kathy

    This sounds amazing. It would be really great to have on hand while traveling. That battery life is crazy! That’s great that it has that many hours of life though.

  13. Ruth I

    I always rent something like this when I go out of the country. I will try this next time.


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