Italy’s Amalfi Coast draws thousands of tourists from around Europe each year. The rugged coast stretches from Salerno and Naples along the Sorrento Peninsula. Stunning beaches and warm waters combine with world-class restaurants. If you want a luxury vacation, learn about Amalfi Coast rental properties first. You can find dozens to suit all budgets and types of vacation. Regardless of the type of holiday, discover these top ten things to do on the Amalfi Coast.

Ten Things to Do in the Amalfi Coast

1. Explore Amalfi Town

The region’s main town bursts with character and life. Colorful houses and shops stand side by side, each one looks distinct and different to the next. Locals wander around at their slow pace of life. Tourists snap pictures of the quaint lifestyle. Check out Amalfi Cathedral and the Piazza del Duomo. Spend the afternoon along the promenade. Then browse through the shops before relaxing on the beach.

2. Enjoy picturesque coastal walks in Sorrento

Sorrento lies on the northern arm of the coast. The main attractions lie in the town’s magnificent scenery. Follow the trails up the hill to the best viewpoints. Walk through the quaint town centre and visit the 11th-century Cathedral of Sorrento. Stop by the fort and watch the fishing boats come home and the sailing boats bobbing up and down near the horizon.

3. Hit the beaches in Maiori and Minori

Both Maiori and Minora are a short drive from Alamfi and have an incredible stretch of coastline. Book your vacation rental in the town and spend the afternoon on either of these beaches. Expect soft white sand (with relatively few beachgoers) against the gentle lapping of the clear Mediterranean waters. Check out the rows of shops along the waterfront and make the most of the region’s best seafood.

4. Get out into nature in the Ferriera Valley

Aside from beaches and quaint towns, the region has other natural attractions inside the Ferriera Valley. The protected area has hiking trails into the mountains that wind through the thick forests. Spend a few hours out in nature soaking up the serenity of Italy’s coastline. Some of the trails lead to picnicking spots. Others head to waterfalls. Grab a map in Amalfi Town and enjoy a day out in nature. And you probably won’t see a single tourist on your entire trip.

5. See the Amalfi Coast by boat

The best way to see coastline is by taking a boat tour. Organise a short trip out onto the Med and watch the undulating coastline from the luxury of the deck. You can take the perfect photographs that really capture the region’s essence and perspective. Your tour guide will share stories as well which add so much more insight and value to your trip. Most boat trips last between one and two hours. Visit the tourist information office for the latest tips.

6. Marvel at the beauty of Positano

Imagine multi-coloured houses rising up the lush mountainside. Now add in a historical old town, winding streets and a thriving café culture. This is Positano, one of the region’s most picturesque towns. Spend the night to experience its full beauty. Have a full day to relax on the beach and soak up the charming ambience, and watch the world from the cafés. Then join a boat tour out to see the stunning views of the town from the sea.

7. Visit the traditional fishing village of Cetara

Decades ago, the Amalfi Coast mostly consisted of quiet fishing villages. Today, the region has transformed into a tourist hub. Only a handful of the coastal communities remain including Cetara. Everything you see in this small village stays untainted by tourism. The way of life reflects what the resident’s grandparents and great grandparents did in a bygone era. Sit on the side of the port and watch the wooden fishing boats bring in their daily catch. Photograph the colourful boats and buildings. Then sit next to the beach and eat the catch of the day.

8. See the Murals at Furore

Furore lies in the central part of the Amalfi Coast. Rent a car and drive up limestone cliffs to this little-visited town. As you enter Furore, you’ll notice the beautiful murals. The hand-painted images show what day-to-day life was like in the past. You’ll find these mural covering the walls of several houses and shops.

9. Hit the clubs in Capri

Regular ferries connect Capri Island to the several towns along the coast. Tourists flock to Capri for its stunning landscapes, mountain views and vibrant nightlife. If you want to hit the clubs and party, this is the place to visit.

10. See the ultra-rare caves bathed in emerald light

Smeraldo Cave creates an emerald light that bathes the inside of the caverns. Only a handful of caves on the planet exhibit this natural phenomenon. Follow SS163 Route to the entrance. You’ll take an elevator inside the cave to see this incredible natural phenomena. Look out for the way the light bounces off the walls to create an almost otherworldly atmosphere.

A perfect holiday in an Italian Paradise

If you’re looking for luxury and natural beauty, you’ll find it along this stretch of the Italian coastline. Get out and explore the picturesque towns, remote islands and take a boat tour to get the best views. Embrace the slow pace of life inside a café while watching the world pass by or visit traditional fishing villages. Italy’s Amalfi Coast caters to everyone and everyone’s travel interests.


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