I don’t know maybe you are like me, maybe you fancy hearing about how other people celebrate their birthdays?

In that case, want to hear about how I celebrated mine?

I thought you’d never ask!

It was a fun-filled, weekend-long celebration together with Louie who also had just turned one year older last week. He visited me here. Sweet, right? As in my Facebook album caption, we spent quality time traversing to the following attractions:

2011jun11: Changi Airport, Singapore Science Centre (Jurong East), People’s Park (Chinatown), GMAX Reverse Bungee (Clarke Quay)
2011jun12: Botanic Garden, Wisma Atria Food Republic (Orchard), Dunearn Garden (Newton), Marina Square, Marina Bay Sands (Esplanade)
2011jun13: Vivo City, Universal Studios (HarbourFront)
2011jun14: Applebee’s (Somerset), Changi Airport

We are each other’s birthday present. When I was with him, I forgot all about work and other things I normally think and care about, like I was in a totally new secret dimension and no landscape could clue me in to any familiar location. Our birthday wish turned out to be the same: happiness. Simple yet profound. ♥

Reflections at 22

At 22, I have realized that I cannot be forever 21. 🙂 Kidding aside, now I have reached the idea that from the beginning, as soon as we’re born, we’re like a wave crashing onto a shore. Some are fiercer than others, and others, well, they’re gentle and almost unrecognizable.

These are those people who are generally overlooked because in reality, we would always prefer the stronger ones. You know, the ones who look like they can bust anything, the ones that form “caverns by the rocks and ruin sand castles.” We crave destruction, and that’s why we like crash landing, because it means we’ve achieved something.

In the past few years, I’ve been wandering among the rubble of a battered self-confidence. I’ve jettisoned most of the debris and baggage; I’ve said what I wanted to, cried as often as I needed and started piecing together my new self. I stick to believing that failure is a foreign, abstract concept.

Breathing my every breath with this affirmation, I just buckle up in this bumpy ride. I often remind myself that I can achieve anything once I set my mind on it. I realized that in order to move forward, I gotta know what I stand for. I have to go to those things that make me weak so I can build myself back up again. I have to do the hard stuff–because this inspires me.

We have our light and carefree days. But if the actual storm comes, we sure have to live through it. This is where everything is rationalized and logic is twisted to justify the most bizarre of thoughts. It’s when we have display different emotions from excitement, contempt or loathing—all rather theatrical.

With everything that has happened in my life and with all the relationships I have cemented, saying I’m blessed would be an understatement.

*Wipes off the tears dramatically* Wow… it felt like finishing an Oscar speech!

Thanks to all 359 people who greeted me on my birthday. Cheers! 🙂


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