Often, it is in these last few days of December that we look back at the crooked path we’ve worn throughout the year. It’s also in this season when we feel grateful for every chuckle, snort, giggle and guffaw that this year brought our way, when we remember the kindred souls who took in our words, understood from their own perspectives, and gave us advice and comfort.

Our learning then becomes enhanced, and using the same past, we can plan for the near future’s bite-sized portions.

Weighted down but ready, we bring our bricks and baggage to pave a perfectly patterned road ahead. But then we have to acknowledge the fact that shift happens and we can’t plan it away.

As always, the earth shifts, cracks occur and we start to stumble; yearly, wearily living along another winding path. We can make scenarios and contingencies, but we just can’t be sure as there is simply no way to chart the changes that come along.

The two words that have repeatedly ran to me during this beautiful and bumpy year? Too much. They creep in as I over fill my to-do lists. Without fail, the end of the day arrives and I’m shaking my head when I anticipate the items that are still not off the day after.

The two words pop up as well when I ponder the expectations people have on me and when I think on how I should work to disallow them to crash around my feet. (Prayers are a big help with contiguous breathing for calmness.)

It’s also in these last days of the year that we let go of the mindset of excess. The least [and best] we can do? Leave as much baggage as that can be left, to feel lighter and happier as we wander across the rest of the next pages of the calendar. We lace up our marching shoes (and perhaps we’d be walking the same paths together).

We ask God every day, “What are You going to do today that will blow my mind away?” For whatever it is, we just have to keep our faith strong and believe–for He may choose the least promising for us but in truth preparing us to be the best.

I could wait until January first, the New Year’s Day, for the release of this announcement. But since this is my final post for the year, I’d want it to be extra special, one that would make a mark of another milestone.

Over 50 people already know this but the rest of the world also has a privilege to know.

I’ll be going back to the Philippines for good on March 13, 2012.

See you later.
Enjoy the holidays!



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