Oh wow. This blog is turning one year old in three days. And it’s the Christmas season once again lurking around the corner, waiting to pounch on all of us.

Every day as I go home on a bus, I see festive lights in Orchard Road inviting more attraction than ever—or people to go for year-end sales, discounts and store promotions. This increased shopping frenzy influences minds and before we know it, our savings have dwindled down to nothingness.

Christmas, the season of giving, becomes interpreted in a manner skewed from its tradition; it becomes a season of giving out money to these “vendors!”

What Lies Beneath It All?

Essentially, we remember the birth of Jesus Christ through humble praying and gathering. We don’t need to spend extravagantly; celebrating Christmas can also be done in an affordable way. Here are just some suggestions:

1. Stay Indoors

Instead of spending the monies on restaurants of great splendor for lavish luncheons and dinners, have your Christmas party in the comfort of your home. After all, home is where the heart is.

Having your dearest friends and family spend Christmas in the warmth of your home is a heartening and exciting affair! Arranging for a potluck among your closest ones not only saves money for everyone, but it also allows everyone to taste a variety of delicious home-cooked dishes among great company.

2. Sing Your Hearts Out

Instead of heading down to the coolest (and incredibly expensive) clubs to party with strangers, why not engage in a more meaningful activity such as gathering a band of pals and heading down to a nursing home or an orphanage for some good ol’ carolling fun?

The aged and the young, who live in both nursing homes and orphanages respectively, are often destitute of familial love. Spending time with them singing Christmas carols will bring joy into their hearts and will certainly bring smiles to our faces.

3. Get Your Hands Working

Christmas does not mean that you must spend bags of money purchasing gifts for everybody. The most precious gifts come from the heart and aside from showering your loved ones with unspoken love and attention, take some time to make something for them.

Touch the hearts of your loved ones this Christmas with a handmade card, an elaborate cosmetic box or even a lovely hand-sewn pouch.

Therefore, I Conclude…

In the hullabaloo of modern life, Christmas has been transformed into a season of commercialism. However, it is important not to lost sight of the essence of Christmas and the crucial values that are associated with it, such as love, peace and joy. These values have no price tags attached to them.

This year’s Christmas will be the first time I won’t be with my family. But I know I won’t be miserable because I’d spend it with my hearty housemates, SG friends and colleagues.

Though I will be missing Santa Claus…


and my magic Snow Man, too.


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