What is Help-Portrait? 

Rooted from the US, Help-Portrait is a non-profit organization composed of photographers coming together across the globe (54 countries) to use their photography skills and give back to the less fortunate (those who didn’t have their photos taken for the longest time, some even since the day they were born)–on the same day, December 10.

Help-Portrait Singapore was established two years ago, but it was only this year when the group had realized the mission successfully. And I’m just so happy to be part of it. I’m not a photographer or videographer but I helped with my own special way.

You see, people in the pictures would not appear as beautiful without me. 😛 I was the hairstylist sans professional training, experience or expertise–but with a certified caring heart.


As the assigned lead hairstylist (walau-eh!), I considered the angles of people’s faces (of different ages, races and countenances) and the texture of their hair matched with the limited products and props I brought. Hard work was paved off when I saw smiles of people fully satisfied of the designs I creatively concocted.

My “clienteles” in Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations were mostly women, while all were men in Breakthrough Missions except for the wife of one resident.

Funny was when a number of them thought and commented that I was a pro, maybe because I extolled much confidence and downright shammed that I knew (and sure of) what I was doing. But, oh my gosh! It was my first time to ever groomed people’s hair other than my sister’s and mother’s. I felt rewarded with their compliments and also with the amazing and inspiring life stories they have shared with me.

I witnessed them received their printed photos with a glint in their eyes. True enough, every photo illustrated a sketch of humanity. It would be an item they’d cherish for the rest of their lives, as it mirrored both (a) the joy they had when they welcomed our help and got pampered; and (b) their self-image making up for all the pain, survival and hardship they have surpassed.

Once again, I have earned an involvement with such great exposure. I’ve met wonderful people and saw residents in the shelters in a different light. We volunteers worked through day until night. We were bone-tired yet lit with hope; we’re grateful that we had been spared and motivated to help those who had not been as blessed.

Now I’m excited for the release of post-processed photos and video documentations of the event. Stay tuned for the news and update by visting their website.


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