The rainy season is in full swing in Metro Manila. The temperature is low, and the fireflies are hidden in all their glory.

Unang Hirit reports that we have “more than half a month’s worth of rain in less than 24 hours!”

Right now I feel like being in Umbrella Corporation, in the office with a number of people my fingers can count. I’ve passed through monstrous floods just to get to work and swipe my ID today. The guards and cleaners greeted me good morning. It’s an early-but-not-so-good morning indeed! And I greeted them back.

Seated beside the wall-length windows, I almost cannot hear any roar of public vehicles along Seaside Boulevard. I was lucky to have even ridden a jeep safely. Overpowering is the sound of the rain pattering on the roof and muffled rumbles of thunder every now and then. This quiet and cozy environment makes my eyelids twitch and feel like lead.

I hope I won’t get stranded later.

I hope to make it through the rain!


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