Today, we celebrated the sixth founding anniversary of Philippine Ming Sheng Wushu Association. The event was held at the grand ballroom of Manila Grand Opera Hotel and Casino in Santa Cruz, Manila from 12NN to 3PM. I came in not as a wushu performer or anything of that sort but as a host. I was very honored and proud to be selected by the 明勝武術會 chief instructor himself, Shifu Arnold Buenviaje, who I closely regard as another father. I only made my script last week and translated it to Chinese together with Janet Tiu, my co-host, yesterday!

Special guests and speakers were:

  • Philippine Ming Sheng Wushu Association Chairman Mario Tan 菲律賓明勝董事長 ~ 陳德通先生 (for the opening remarks)
  • Wushu Federation Philippines President Mr. Tan She Ling 菲律賓武術協會理事長 ~ 黃福清先生
  • Philippine Olympic Committee Treasurer Julian Camacho 菲律賓奧林匹克委員會財務秘書 ~ 吳華彬先生
  • International Sar Ping Lion Dance Confederation leader grandmaster Siew Kee Chan 國際沙坪獅藝同門聯誼總會 ~ 陳绍箕掌門
  • Singapore Wenyang Sports Association Chief Instructor Jeffrey Tan 新加坡文揚龍獅運動協會總教練 ~ 陳慶賢師傅 and his team who flew from Singapore last night just to be part of this occasion

In Chinese culture, any traditional skill can be passed down from the master to its disciples, thus forming a lineage. Becoming a disciple forges a unique bond between the disciples and the long line of ancestors who forged the tradition before them. It is a very special relationship between the master and disciple, full of ritual and meaning. In essence, when this is done, a family is founded.

Following this “ritual” was Sar Ping (Lu Clan) Lion Dance confederation’s registration of their lineage name and the passing of the discipleship ceremony officiated by Grandmaster Siew Kee Chan. Participating disciples were Ming Sheng Wushu Chief Instructor Arnold Buenviaje, Instructor Christian Sheldon Buenviaje and Dragon and Lion Dance Instructor Kenneth Sy and Jeffrey Tan.

Other ceremonies that took place were:

  • Application of Ming Sheng Wushu Association as a member of International Sar Ping Lion Dance Confederation
  • Brotherhood ties agreement of Ming Sheng Wushu Association and Singapore Wenyang Sports Association
  • Application of Tacloban Chamber Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe as a branch of Ming Sheng Wushu Association
  • Symbolic dotting of the eye ceremony to bring the spirit of One Golden Dragon alive
  • Dotting the lions to scare away the evil spirits and chase the negative energies as well

Highlight performances were:

  • Cymbals and beats (十八路鼓) by Grandmaster Siew Kee Chan, Christian Sheldon Buenviaje, Kenneth Sy, Marigold Go and Scott So
  • International Sar Ping Lion Dance Confederation’s performance of lion dance
  • Wushu: Saber and sword, Tang Lang Chu Dong, Shaolin Fist, Shi Ba Sou, Seven Star Mantis Kung Fu, Thunder and Lightning Broadsword, First Road of Summary Set, Beng Bu, The Combat Between Open Hands, Seven Star Sword, Piercing Strike, Pi Chui, Wheel Fist, 5 Tigers Killing a Flock of Sheep and Shuang Shou Dai by Philippine Ming Sheng Wushu Association’s students
  • Singapore Wenyang Sports Association’s Shao Lin Fujian Dragon

We’re glad that everything went smoothly. Congratulations, Team! 加油!


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