Hooray for the long weekend! Finally, I can get to spend more time for self contemplation, for more peace and quietness. Today I am inspired by another blog post and furthermore this news article to have fun with Google Autocomplete. Get the drift?

It’s simply that Google automatically completes whatever we type into its search field. The auto-completion is based on what most people enter on the web. Whatever are they really thinking on their own privacy? So as a little experiment, I’m going to find out what the online world out there thinks about Filipinos or the Philippines in general. As I’m typing now, I have not yet started with the queries and I don’t have any expectations set. From the outbound links above, though, most results hark to the negative end of the spectrum rather than the positive. The results can be as interesting as they can be offensive at the same time. Anyway, let’s begin.

What Google Autocomplete Reveals About the Philippines and the Filipinos

I typed: Why is the Philippines

Google continued: called pearl of the orient seas

Google continued: poor

Google continued: a third world country

I typed: Why the Philippines is

Google continued: a unique nation

Google continued: a poor country

Google continued: standing still

I typed: Why do Filipinos

Google continued: speak English

Google continued: work abroad

Google continued: celebrate

I typed: Why Filipinos

Google continued: are poor

Google continued: have flat noses

Google continued: should be proud

Google continued: are great nation

I typed: Why are Filipinos

Google continued: ugly

Google continued: poor

Google continued: happy

I typed: Why Filipinos like

Google continued: foreigners

Google continued: koreanovelas

Google continued: white skin

Google continued: to sing

I typed: Why Filipinos love

Google continued: kpop

Google continued: laugh

Google continued: basketball

Google continued: to eat

I typed: Why Filipinos hate

Google continued: Indians

Google continued: Americans

Google continued: Japanese

Google continued: Koreans

I typed: Why Filipinos don’t

Google continued: speak Spanish

Google continued: love their country

Google continued: look Asian

I typed: Why don’t Filipinos

Google continued: speak Spanish

Google continued: use chopsticks

Google continued: use toilet paper

Mash-up of the Findings

The Philippines, also called the “Pearl of the Orient Seas,” is a unique land. The country is quite poor. In fact, it’s a third-world country, but it’s standing still as it is composed of people who are poor but happy. Destitute, they continue to live and search for hope some place else. Many work abroad to support their families and celebrate with their loved ones when they get back home.

Filipinos like eating, playing basketball, singing and laughing. They like foreigners but not the Indians and the Japanese. Ironically, they hate the Koreans but like koreanovelas and love kpop. As well, they hate the Americans but they like white skin (maybe not for others but for themselves lah!). Filipinos are Asians who don’t look like they are Asians. They speak in English (and Filipino) but not Spanish. They don’t use chopsticks and toilet paper. They have flat noses but should be proud for they are a great nation.

My Take

I think the findings are mostly true except for the “hate Indians, Japanese, Americans and Koreans” part. Filipinos may hate the Japanese and Americans because they were once colonizers of our nation. But that was many years back. We have already built solidarity and friendship with these people. How about their surge for detestation for the Koreans and the Indians? I’m also not sure. You may want to search for the explanations yourself. For now, I’m just positive that…

Photo Credit: Mark Gosingtian


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42 Responses

  1. Teresa Martinez

    This is quite an interesting way of finding about how Filipinos are perceived by others. I must try this method on my own search. I’m sure I will get interesting results as well.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yup, Google’s autocomplete search suggestions are funny and interesting. We may not know whether these are true as they vary astronomically depending on the user’s search history over the years. Try it and post the results in your blog. We’d be interested to know what results you come out with. πŸ˜€ You’ll surely see weird and wild Autocomplete suggestions!

  2. Archie de Lara

    This is an interesting post. I also play on typing on Google search box to know which keyword I will use on my next blog. In this manner, I know my post will be on the search recommendation by Google.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Aside from doing the keyword research the manual way, you can also use free tools to optimize your post. These apps can help you rank the “right” keywords to make your website.

  3. Franc Ramon

    These are common notions on Filipinos. Some maybe true but harsh and yet some of course are not but I agree whenever the times get tough as it always is in the Philippines, the heart of the hero shines in each Filipino.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Wow, I like what you said: “The heart of the hero shines in each Filipino.” I agree–Filipinos are brave, compassionate, committed to change, and we are a nation that can prove that a good deed can help uplift a million lives. Through our words, actions, and good deeds, we make a difference worth celebrating. πŸ˜€

  4. special education philippines

    I find the Google autocomplete funny and at the same time disturbing? It sounds like for every question there is something, hmmm, how would I say it, not so positive. As you said, these are “what most people enter on the web.” I hope they can put a number to it to make the search quantitative. I just think it would make a good research. πŸ™‚

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      There are analytic tools available online like Google Keyword Estimator tool which can present the numbers you are looking for. Just type in whatever keywords and it will show you the competition and number of searches locally and globally. πŸ˜€

  5. jane

    i believe so we filipinos speak spanish words in our everyday life. For example. Salbabida/Salvavidas is a spanish word for floaty or lifesaver. Querida > kerida means lover. Fiesta > pista. Apellido > apelyido. Actually older people counts in spanish as well uno dos tres. There’s a lot more of spanish words we use everyday that i believe my fellow filipinos dont know about that. Or because we already change how it is supposed to be pronounce so we dont’t realize it anymore. I’ve got friends from mexico back in Singapore and I really learned a lot. I love using chopsticks too though, true that we filipinos use fork&spoon and using kamay only is very nice too =) Love this post Rockristin! x0x0 =)

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      There are a lot of words in the Filipino dictionary that were taken from the Spanish language. Mostly because this country had been colonized by the Spaniards and these guys influenced the nation massively.

      Thanks for dropping by again, Jane! πŸ™‚ It’s Kirstin, actually, not Kristin. Haha.

  6. Jason

    i Typed You. : )

    maybe sometimes words are not related. Some of the search are finding the high rank keywords.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      Yeah, but it is still interesting that a lot of people are using these keywords to find out more about the fact or topic about Philippines and the Filipinos. πŸ˜€

      What, you typed “You”? Sorry I didn’t get it, haha.

  7. Kim Francis

    I can see the word “poor” occurring on your searches. It seems to show how we are so negatively seen by other countries. Nevertheless, I am still proud to be a Filipino citizen.

  8. Jerome Ibuyan

    In addition on “Why is the Philippines” query, the auto complete gave me this as 3rd suggestion: “why is the philippines still economically poor despite its abundant and diverse natural resources”.
    I think we just don’t know how to maximize these resources.
    I guess, our country needs more “true leaders”.
    Great take Rochkirstin! =)

  9. Gigi Beleno

    Agree that its interesting to know these information. I just wonder what’s the basis for Google’s autocomplete? is it the most common search topics?

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      This is to quote how Google explained it: “As you type, autocomplete predicts and displays queries to choose from. The search queries that you see as part of autocomplete are a reflection of the search activity of all web users and the content of web pages indexed by Google. If you’re signed in to your Google Account and have Web History enabled, you might also see search queries from relevant searches that you’ve done in the past.”

      Hope that answers your question.

  10. papaleng

    Those are stunning facts. But I agree much about the findings specially ‘Why don’t Filipinos use toilet paper’ LOL

  11. Dust

    We can never blame google for this. The people who typed those searches are to be. Anyway, I’m so proud to be Pinoy, no matter what. πŸ™‚

  12. jsncruz

    Interesting, how much people have searched those terms πŸ™‚ Were you using google.com or google.com.ph? It may play a part on what results you get πŸ™‚

  13. Rey

    You can search just about any country or nationality and Google will have some auto complete. That’s how vast their data is. Everything that has been put on that search box has been stored ever since they began.

  14. Tess

    Quite interesting facts revealed by google auto complete. Lol on this but true, “Filipino’s don’t use toilet paper”.

  15. Francis Balgos

    hate is such a strong word, but it something that can be taken into context.
    depending on how you deliver it..
    I find this curious, and ultimately fun
    Im already thinkng of doing the same when I get bored at the office. hahahaha!

  16. RonLeyba

    Yay to Google autosuggests. I mean, not only it can serve something for entertainment, but for internet marketing/SEO/keyword research/PPC as well πŸ™‚ .

  17. mimi

    in every google search, there’s only one positive thought and the others remains to be negative in any way we shouldn’t be affected by such since they just generalizing what is specific.. we should go, do our best for the betterment of our country! πŸ™‚

  18. Justin

    it’s a sad reality that search engines generalizes Philippines as a poor country.. but I guess that is a mean to truly empower us to prove why our country is still the best! πŸ™‚

  19. Rolf Landberg

    I just want to mention I am newbie to weblog and really loved you’re web site. Very likely I’m want to bookmark your website . You absolutely have tremendous well written articles. Cheers for sharing your blog.


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