I’m so excited that I couldn’t sleep well last night. I think I just slept for five or six hours. I’m not sure of what I’m more excited about: Louie fetching me at the airport or seeing my family for the first time personally after nine months! You do the guessing. 🙂

Both can be right, so just give yourself a thumbs up for trying to guess either.

Nine months of not living with my family (meaning not having anyone to cook, do laundry and iron clothes for me but myself) was like being in a mother’s womb or cave but this time, my metamorphosis into becoming a more organized, more patient, more disciplined, more experienced worldlier and better person became fuller.

Yes, living alone in a foreign country provided me the avenue to learn how to become  independent, self-trusting and more sociable (because in order to adapt, understand and learn others’ ways, I need to always communicate with them).

I’m a jotter, with the days of my life penned on these [web] pages minutely detailed and written meticulously. However this time, I have a feeling that my next few days in Manila cannot be described in coherent sentences, and my feelings expressed through pictures will do them better justice. When words seem to fail and fall through me, photographs will not. Photos will be posted on Facebook. Wee!



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