It’s 11.11.11 and early on at midnight, I read my Twitter feeds flooded with mushy, special wishes for today and angst towards (again) the end of the world. Keeping on with the trend, if ever I’d still be awake to catch the time at 11:11 tonight, I will use my default wish: I wish for love, positivity and good health for my family, friends and myself.

But I neither think nor feel that there is power in numerology and that there is meaning that accounts for certain dates in the calendar. By contrast, I believe in living each day as if it were our last and praying every day on our hopes.

As we’re now more technology-oriented, I’ve figured a better way to combat anxieties and remind us how to deal with life whenever interruptions of our day-to-day operations occur. Don’t ever commit suicide and just hit the Escape key but CTRL+ALT+DEL.

CTRL (Control): Take control of your life, take 100% responsibility and clearly understand what you want.

ALT (Alternate): Look for alternatives to get different results. See things with a different perspective, a positive one.

DEL (Delete): Delete all negativity in your life including attitudes and habits that are not working for you.

Remember that when the world starts to fade and the fiery reds burn to ash and you can’t see the colors anymore, understand that it’s not the world that’s fading—but you that’s standing in the light.


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