Living in Singapore: The Start of Adaptation

Curiously tickled by this world of opportunities and the freshness of “modus vivendi” I’ve acquired, I am truly overwhelmed. I feel this is going to be another eager-to-please, dazzled and keen year. Slowly, I’m adapting to my new lifestyle in this foreign land. Well, it has been a week since I got here, and these are my accomplishments so far:

1. Job: I got employed by HeuLab as a Business Executive, after sending out my application to over 100 companies for different IT positions and attending to calls and interviews of some who got interested in my profile. Work, by the way, starts next Tuesday.

Although the company isn’t mammoth in size, it is recognizably composed of a team of certified experts, and it has the strongest multi-national and global partners for innovations of technology in existence. Their collective experience and reputation is what makes me happy in joining their professional organization.

2. Everyday Necessities: I have bought my own grocery stuff good for a week/month and know where and how to get to inexpensive shops not too far.

3. Travel: For various reasons and through different means, I have visited Chinatown, Bugis, Little India, Orchard, Queenstown, Dover, Bukit Batok, Toa Payoh and Somerset.

I don’t want to spend for some real costly “Singaporean” adventure prepared for tourists, though, because I prefer to be with my family / loved ones when I traverse to leisure tripping. Frankly I’d like to capture everything I see and bring them home. Singapore is such a euphoria. I stun into silence by its beauty.

A thought: Can I just wrap this country into one small package and then get it from my pocket similar to how Doraemon does it when he showcases high-tech unimaginable gadgets and customized stuff? I want to share every astonishing experience with my family so badly; I wish I could turn my eyes into a camera when every blink will be a shot.

4. Finances: I have managed to calculate and predict my savings, expected expenses and overall monthly cash flow.

5. Transportation: I have gained confidence in commuting via trains and buses and in looking at just maps to locate myself to the right destinations. I’m not afraid to get lost because there are signs everywhere, and I can simply ask locals (use Chinese for older fellows and English for younger ones) for road guides.

6. Relationships: I have met new people and have established good foundation of social rapport with them. I’m excited to meet even more people–wonderful and colorful people (with pale, dark or yellow skin) talking in their own interesting tones and languages.

7. Trust in These People: As tough as my fighting spirit, I strongly believe, consider, wonder and realize that perhaps these people will change the world.

Every one of us.

We will smile at shy strangers as we pass them, and we will save their day (I just did so last week when I helped a Cantonese grandmother pick up her bills from the floor and a local Singaporean-Chinese who was asking for directions).

We will stop to admire a tiny boutique store, and perhaps they won’t close down after all. Call me an extremist make-believer; we’ll never know this, of course, but we are, in our own, tiny, unknown way, changing our world.

Yes, adapt to this thought, this positive thinking. Follow me. This way, please. 😀


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