Good morning. It’s Monday once again, and I have a nice surprise for you: Another Detox: On Identity and Routine

Yesterday was the end of your person-hood. Today, you become someone else. I have conspired with the stars and the stars have conspired with the universe to fashion you into the person you should become.

Today marks the beginning of when you will wake up on time. Over your morning coffee, you will create a list of goals to be accomplished within the year, within the month, within the day.

You will go back to this list every day from hereon, ticking items off and then adding some more. You will count the money inside your wallet and account for all your expenses within the day. This means that you will not have to take a cab to work (and you have no reason to, having woken up on time), and you will control that daily intake of expensive coffee.

You will perform your morning bathroom rituals in an orderly manner, almost like an assembly line: toilet first, then shower (shampoo, soap, scrub) then brush your teeth.

Memorize this sequence, as you will be doing this every day. Iron your clothes; remember to straighten out the unnecessary creases. After today, you will need to do this at night to avoid the morning frenzy.

As you make your way to work, memorize your route. Do not divert, do not explore. Sit on the same seat inside the train. If it is occupied, stand in front of it until it becomes vacant. Do not push. Do not shove. This would be very impolite. Remember: women, children and elderly first (not necessarily in that order, though).

As you sit in your office cubicle, you will remember the acronym CLAYGO from school: Clean As You Go. Keep that extra bottle of alcohol handy. Baby wipes are a plus, too. File all paperwork in their right places. Throw out the pens that no longer work. Collect all paperclips and keep them in one container. Remove the unnecessary decors. Practice minimalism.

Open up your planner: you will be needing this from now on. List down the important meetings and calls to attend. Color-code, if necessary. Don’t be tempted by your seatmate’s dilly-dallying. Allow yourself to stand up and stretch every half hour. Wear your glasses while sitting in front of the computer.

Remember the acronym GTD: Get Things Done.

Tonight, when you come home, remember to wash off your make-up. You will again have an assembly line of nighttime rituals, including ironing tomorrow’s clothes,and saying your prayers. Consider what’s in store for you tomorrow.

Think of those who matter as you fall asleep. While in your dream world, you can be anything that you want to be. But tomorrow, when you wake up, it will be just like today.

Today, you’ve become someone else. And after tomorrow, you could inspire someone. 🙂


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