So here I am in Singapore. The first day was a day of fateful encounters. I carried four heavy bags all the way from the Changi Airport, to MacPherson Green Condo (via MRT), to Lorong 2 Toa Payoh (via cab), to Dunearn Road, worrying about a place to stay (the landlord whom I have confirmed the room that I was supposed to rent could not be contacted as soon as I got here; maybe she tricked me for some fake and nasty deal). I barely had lunch. It was as if my lungs were going to die and curl inside themselves like pink lovers.

It’s my first time to enter this country; every street corner is like an unfinished poem and every face is like an artificial name recorded in leather bound journals. When I hear people talking in languages (we have totally different races here) I don’t understand, I feel like someone’s sucked all the calcium from the marrow of white bones…I reach for close encounters.

Nevertheless, I don’t feel so foreign because I can speak and understand Cantonese, Fookien, Mandarin and English apart from Filipino anyway. Plus, my looks blend in (at last) that I feel most at ease in this place, this public place that feels so private.

Sun is down at 7PM–obviously bizarre to me. Heat is settling and the whirlwinds are nipping at my skin. Now I’m staying/renting a room at Aunt Cristy’s cousin, Aunt Kathy’s place, persistently looking for a job.

I’m getting better, or closer to getting better, and I’m burrowing closer to restless legs, cocooning myself into a much sturdier frame. Morning, my favorite time of day, is becoming more bearable.

I’ll be posting in this blog less in the next few weeks or months because I’ll be busy job-hunting and coping up with the new lifestyle here. Also, I have just started a new private blog (for daily updates) with Louie.

So far, one company (member of CSC or Computer Sciences Corporation) called me three times and said that they like my profile and soon they’ll be calling me again for a scheduled interview. I hope to get this job immediately!

For now, I’ll leave you with the thought lying in my fizzled brain: Fate is a tease. You tempt me with possibilities I can’t ignore. I left home in my desire for change and success in the near future. How could I not trust you blindly?

It has always worked, and yet, this time I am less than calm about the outcome. What I might have seen as your hand pointing the way might just as easily be my own hand grasping at air.

So many choices in my life, all made with the belief that what will be will be. “If it’s meant to be it will be,” as Louie always mentions but he means this in a sarcastic way. 🙂

But I still believe that “there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” I can find a good and stable job here and hopefully get my plans all accomplished as I get back to the Philippines.

Is there really a fate? Yes? No? Maybe?

I don’t know.

This makes me wonder how ignorance really is bliss. All I know is that I’m in good state and I’m helping myself to be in a better one. I say thanks and grace to all who’ve helped me make it through here.

To Mommy, Daddy, Nicole, Louieboo, Aunt Fely, Uncle Johnny, Uncle Peter, Aunt Jacq, Aunt Cristy, Aunt Salyn, Aunt Evelyn, Aunt Kathy, Achi Anne, Aphu, Angkong, Uncle Kahong, Gaodao, other relatives and my closest friends, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your sincerest support and prayers.

Until next time.


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