Valentines’ Day might be that one day of the year that all singletons dread and every couple longs for. It is the one day of the year that the emotion of love is over emphasized and romance constantly lingers in the air. Is it such an epidemic because of classics like Titanic or Jane Austen’s novels, or even new-age lit like the Stephanie Meyers’s Twilight series? Or could it perhaps be the feeling of being accepted, desired and appreciated?

I believe option number two is the winner. It comes down to the simple fact that people love, and they love to be loved. They love the wooing, waiting and falling in love. Valentines’ Day might be corny and may highly be commercial, but it is also extremely romantic and a classic day to share with the one you love, your valentine.

For those who cannot afford to miss how I’ve spent V-day…
Presenting to you the causes of aww’s:

You see, I spoke with Shakespeare the night before V-day. He told me stories in iambic pentameter. But I didn’t listen. Beethoven was down on the other side of the hall playing me Fur Elise. But all I wanted to do, was spend the day with You-Know-Who.

1. Funny, what Louie missed on doing two years ago he did yesterdaycalling me up to say he was waiting in the car while he really was standing next to our door carrying a bunch of roses @}-,-`-.

2. He wrote me an expressive love letter (yes, his butterflies have spoken) and gave me a heart-shaped locket with his picture in it. So cute. I haven’t seen this coming, and I bet neither have you. : )

3. We went around National Bookstore below Crossings Department Store and talked and talked. I don’t care what we talk about. As long as we’re talking.

4. We dined in Alba Restaurante Español, Tomas Morato, and absolutely, it was the best meal served. He might not know this but every time he puts portions of food on my plate before his, my heart melts.

5. We were serenaded with the song Unchained Melody by the small band in Alba. Back at home, coincidentally, Mom had us watch the movie Ghost which played the same song.

Tomorrow at 5:20AM I’ll be leaving for Singapore. Thinking about him makes me miss him now, for it’s once said that “missing someone isn’t about how long it has been since you’ve seen them or the amount of time since you’ve talked. It’s about that very moment when you’re doing something and wishing they were right there with you.” The least I can do is remember our happy moments together and smile.

Smile, because a genuine smile is one of the strongest sparks of happiness we can spread.Smile, because every time we do, it makes the world a little brighter.Smile, because when you do, you light up my world.Smile, because I’ve fallen in love with your smile—and through it, you.

Happy Valentines’ Day!


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