Is the world going to be over today (May 21, 2011)?

Don’t dream it’s over. Or: Don’t dream. It’s over. My vote? The latter. Well, it’s almost 10PM now, and the world did not end. Here are some funny pictures of people who were convinced it’s going to end today at 6PM.

My two cents: It may not end, literally. The disasters may be a wake-up call for us to changechange that may mark an “end” to an era. We must change our ways for the better and for the sake of the world. Every little bit helps. Mother nature is enforcing her powers and keeping the world in balance.

The disasters have caused many deaths. The disasters will also bring people together to help one another. They also show that people do not own and rule the world. We are merely living here and we have taken too much from Earth, and now Mother nature is taking back from us. What has been destroyed paves the way for a new, better and brighter future where we live in harmony with the living.

Then again, I thank those people who believed and kept on insisting onto others that the awaited “phenomenon” is true. I had sheer entertainment. The news articles made me ponder on what my last words in my last breath on earth will be. For the record, it’s “I love you, always”to those I loveuntil the world we know becomes a forgotten history in the books of aliens.

This end-of-the-world theory also made me think that life’s imagery cannot compare to that which the mind envisions. Reality is a mere distraction when imagination abounds with the genius of a little dream or some interpretation from the Bible or reading on what happens in the future in time.

Everything in our world renders no more than a passing glance as the eyes of the make believer shift inward to gaze upon the vast landscape of his newfound fantasy!

Despite this, we are still free to explore beyond the realm of logic and become lost and entirely detached from all rational matters, psychologically separated from the rigging of an artless world. Our thoughts might be endless and overflowing, subjective by an emotional luxury of personal freedoma freedom that not only nourishes the fruit of vision, but also serves as the vine by which it thrives.

So, will the world ever end? Only God knows. We, on the other hand, may discover some answers hither and tither by living the question.

Just live, you know. Just love.


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