My life in Singapore so far can be dichotomized neatly into work and sleep. During weekdays, I spend more than half the day barely staying afloat in a spinning maelstrom of knowledge, and the remaining half recuperating from the ensuing physical and mental exhaustion.

The days are bleeding into one another as they unravel with clockwork consistency. When I’m asked how I’m doing, my answer is always, “good.” Although this is generally and honestly true, I also can’t hide the fact to myself that there’s this silent grief, a mute pain that I cannot and dare not articulate.

Today was an anomaly; a faint flash of hope succeeded in shining through weeks of accumulated cynicism and fatigue. For the past few weeks, I felt so bloated. (I felt so fat and sluggish like I am Gulliver in the Land of Lilliput.) But today is different. I rose up again; I feel the normal me. I feel more alive.

Many articles and books are claiming that exercise is one great medicine for anxiety and depression. And I agree with them a hundred percent. It’s been a while since I took a pause from wushu, and it has been an even longer time since I danced seriously with heavy routines.

Yes, I have been line dancing two to three months now, but I need something stronger. Since I have learned that the class sessions of our community center’s interest groups will start in July (still two months from now), I found a dancing group online on my own. I figured swimming once a week is not enough to keep my weight, agility, flexibility and most of all, workout satisfaction.

Adage Dance Circle. This is the name of the group I just joined. We practice contemporary dance based on classical ballet and modern dance. On the dance floor, we are encouraged to explore our body movements and maintain balance, good posture, breathing, floor-work and emotional state to establish a mind and body connection.

Here I have the home-court advantage—with the summation of living out one of my greatest passions, meeting new people and feeling just greater within.

Finally, I’m back on track; on my fitness regime, that is! I was so happy that I treated myself and walked three hours from one bus station to another until I reached home. Beads of perspiration dripped off, just the way I wanted. : )


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