Getting out on the open road, with the freedom to do what you want, where you want and do it when you want is one of the most liberating and exhilarating feelings there is. Here are a few pointers if you want to get the most out of any road trip as without a little bit of though the whole thing could go very flat very quickly.

How to Create the Perfect DIY Road Trip

Have a Plan, But Don’t Stick to It

It’s vitally important to have a plan as you need to make sure you know what you want to achieve before you head off so that you don’t forget something you were really keen to do or end up being stuck and not really doing much other than driving around. But also you don’t want to be so rigidly stuck to the plan that you can’t let the adventure happen by accident when an opportunity presents itself. So be sure to be able to adapt to whatever is presented to you.

Make Sure You Seek Out New Experiences: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

One thing that makes a road trip great is trying out new experiences. So bear this in mind when making your decisions, as even if you are travelling to a new place if you still just do what you always do but in a different place then it will be just the same. For example mix up the types of accommodation you normally stay in or eat new things or try new activities.

Ensure Your Vehicle is Ready

One of the most vital pieces of advice you could receive before heading off on to the open road is to make sure your vehicle is ready and everything is up to date and checked. You need to ensure you have the vehicles servicing up to date and check the tyres, air and oil. It’s also important to ensure that insurance is in place. As it’s easy to forget especially if it’s a camper van you use only a handful of times a year and if not then find a van insurance deal as a matter of priority.

Make a Record of Everything You Do

It’s important to document the experience as you go, lots of photos and videos and you can share them as you go on Facebook and Instagram, show everyone what a wonderful time you have been having and even start a holiday blog, even if it’s just for you it will be a lovely memento to read back through and relive the holiday.

Meet New People

You are not in your comfort zone and normal routine when on a holiday so why not use this opportunity to push the boat out and talk to new people, it’s not something most of us do in everyday life. The great thing about doing this when travelling around is that there is no pressure as if it doesn’t work out you are not going to have to see them around town.


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