Having a baby is one of the most life-changing, but amazing things you will ever experience. However, you will find that no area of your life will stay the same once you have your tiny person in your life. Ask any other parent out there and they will tell you that every aspect of your life changes after having a baby, and it is essential that you prepare yourself for these changes.

However, one of the less obvious changes that a baby brings is the change in your personal style. Being a new mum can mean that you have very little time available to think about your own appearance, even if it was one of your top priorities before having children. It can be easy to lose your own sense of style when you become a mum, and while it isn’t one of your main concerns, it is still important that you make the time for yourself and look after yourself so that you can be the best mum you can be. With that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can go about rediscovering your personal style after having a baby.

Embrace Your New Body

Having a baby will change your body forever, and even losing that baby weight won’t be an easy reversal to your pre-baby body. You shouldn’t feel pressured into losing any weight that you gained through pregnancy, but instead you should focus on your recovery from the difficult nine months you have just experienced. There is little time available for the gym when you have a new-born to take care of. So, instead of wishing your body would spring back to how it looked before you brought a new life into the world, you should learn to embrace your new body.

Your body did an amazing thing and you should be proud of it, not be ashamed of it. Don’t make yourself feel worse by squeezing into your old clothes, but don’t drown yourself in clothes that are too big for you either. You should think about the parts of your body that you love the best and make the most of them. For example, if pregnancy has made your breasts grow, then you may want to invest in a plunge dress! Take some time to dress for your new body shape.

Think About Footwear

Many people underestimate the importance of good footwear and how much of an impact they have on your overall style and outfit. While you may no longer feel like wearing stiletto heels after having a baby, there are still many other footwear additions you can add to your wardrobe to help you rediscover your personal style again. For example, the high heels by Dune offer you a type of shoe for every occasion. From classic black to bold prints, you can find the perfect shoe for you, for your post-baby style and wardrobe!

Get New Underwear

As you have now embraced your new body and shape, you are now ready to buy new underwear. You may find that pregnancy has changed what sort of underwear you want to wear. Whether you still like to wear a thong or are more comfortable in a full brief instead now, you should find underwear that is both practical, but also makes you feel great.

It is also important that you go for a bra fitting soon after having a baby as it is very likely that your back and cup size will have changed. Not having the right size underwear will make you feel uncomfortable, but will also make your clothes not sit right on your body. Buying yourself new underwear can be a great way to give yourself a boost and make you feel like the sexy mama you are!

Have a Clear Out

You should go through your wardrobe and get rid of all the old clothes that you don’t think you will want to wear again. We are all guilty of hoarding clothes that we haven’t worn in years. Therefore, you should stick to the 12-month rule; if you haven’t worn an item of clothing for the last 12 months, then either bin it or send it to a charity shop. Your new body deserves new clothes and to make room for all those clothes, you will need to clear out your old ones.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Having a baby is very expensive, and you can sometimes find yourself feeling guilty for buying new clothes when there are so many things your new-born needs. But it is important that you allow yourself some money to spend on a new wardrobe as you deserve to feel great!

You should spend the time after having a baby getting used to your new life, but also the new you that exists; including your new style.


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