El Nido is a province of Palawan in the Philippines and well known as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago. According to the latest survey, some of the most beautiful beaches and coral reefs in the world exist in El Nido. There is no denying that the planet’s most extraordinary natural splendor can be seen here. If you are planning a trip here, book one of those cheap flights to El Nido and make the most of your vacation.

el nido philippines

It is no wonder to see El Nido, a popular destination among the tourists and especially families. The islands here have become world famous for their natural splendors and beauty. There are dozens of hidden caves and lagoons to explore and dive underwater to enjoy the spectacular marine life.

Reaching El Nido Palawan and moving around with your kids

There are many El Nido cheap flights provided by different air carriers in order to cater to the growing demand. One can easily get a direct flight from Manila through El Nido Airport. Hundreds of families arrive here every year to enjoy the white sand beaches, and postcard-perfect islands plus the laid-back lifestyle. Once you reach here, you will find that it is very easy to explore El Nido on foot as it is a small town.  One can easily walk to the major attractions and enjoy the local culture as well. You can even rent scooters or take tuk-tuks.

Food, accommodation, and shopping

Parents can pick from any of the vast numbers of options for accommodation. All they need to be careful about is to ensure that the hotel or resort is kid friendly and centrally located. One can stay near El Nido Beach that are just minutes away from those glorious beaches. Some popular resorts include names like The Nest, Amakan. Garden Bay Beach, and more. The prices will vary based on location and availability.

El Nido Fish Market is great if you want to enjoy some fresh seafood delicacies. Jarace Grill is one of the most popular restaurants here. D’Factory Ice Cream is a great place to enjoy ice-creams with kids. Some other favorite eating joints are Fat Choy, The Nesting Table, Bella Vita El Nido and more for Asian, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Italian options. As no trip is complete without shopping, you can visit El Nido Boutique Artcafe, Pops District Promenade and Palawan Divers for local artifacts and souvenirs.

Things to do

Kids will love El Nido and its abundant wildlife, amazing islands, and natural beauty. You will never run out of options of how to plan the day with your family.

  • Discover the iconic spots in El Nido – Many nooks and crannies are still waiting to be discovered. So, you can take your family and kids to any area or location in those lagoons and spot different fish and aquatic species.
  • Enjoy Kayaking and Snorkeling – If your family is the adventurous type, why not plan a kayak and snorkel trip in the Big Lagoon. The Big Lagoon is amply incredible for kids as they would feel comfortable in the shallow waters of the deep, turquoise lagoon and enjoy looking at the colorful sea life.
  • Take them to Shimizu Island – It would be an incredible experience to look at the rock formations of Shimizu Island that indeed look spectacular. Your little ones are surely going to be amazed, looking at that work of nature.
  • Look for colorful starfish at Cadlao Lagoon – Cadlao Lagoon is very popular because of those beautiful waters with colorful starfish. It is a popular activity among the tourists to visit the open lagoon with shallow waters to search for the starfish or simply swim around.
  • Explore the Cudugnon Cave – Visit the Ipil Beach to explore the spectacular cave. The Cudugnon Cave with tall ceilings once held artifacts from the indigenous people. Kids would be filled with awe once they are inside the cave.


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