A long prelude for all those who have a heartbeat, for all those who care:

Today during lunch break, Mom called me at my mobile phone and said straightforwardly that she had a bad news: Dad got hit by a car. This happened at about 11am. When he was about to board the jeepney, a fast and careless driver of an Altis drove past against him at the back hitting his right tibia and fibula and left ankle.

The accident happened in Soler, where there are many auto parts store owners (similar business) who know Daddy. They reported and called Angkong immediately. Also, because Dad was a member of MMDA, one police officer recognized him and on the spot brought him to the hospital.

Mom was informed and all the other relatives quickly went to the hospital to see him. Blood was incessantly flowing out of his ankle and the injured part of the leg was deeply swollen. He went through the first operation at four in the afternoon for the doctor to clean the wounds and perform comprehensive treatment. He must endure another surgery for the bones to be mended and put back together. The doctor said it will take a maximum of six months before he can actually walk normally again. In the meantime, he would have to undergo physical therapy sessions to regain the power of his legs and ankles.

Mom coordinated with our friend lawyer and police on how they can charge the driver. The driver is now detained in prison, and his car got confiscated. His insurance company will pay for all hospital expenses. Also, monthly allowance would be given to our side for compensation.

I asked my sister how my Dad reacted on the painful encounter. She said he still managed to talk and respond ordinarily despite it all. Yes, that’s Daddy, as we all know him: a fighter.

I did not worry, because I trust and I know everything is going to be fine. Of course I was shocked but I was firm on being positive. I find beauty in the wreckage while still am aware of the broken piece. He had an accident and would be incapacitated of walking for some time. There’s that. But apart from that sad fact, he’s okay, alive and breathing. This is more important.

If others were in my shoes, they might angrily ask why this happened to their loved one instead of anybody else in the world and…other similar questions. But I for one don’t. I believe there is a hidden mystery beyond each curve and bend in the road. For instance, nature defends against the ongoing tirade of human occupancy and cloaks her crevices in the foliage of decrepit urban decay.

Asphalt fractures and leans precarious into coverts; tree limbs stretch skyward warmed by the sun’s prompt to tangle wires, downing lines; vines, roots, push and prod the loose gravel apart weeping for sunlight. In a spontaneous day like any other, Dad had just met a darker slope in the road. We’ll see what happens afterwards. We’re excited to see the rainbow.

Dear God,

Please give my family, especially my father, strength to fight this battle, faith and hope to take it audaciously and courage to carry on with a light heart.

Please remind us that this darkness will soon be followed by dawn. You have led us through so many things and pulled us through before.

Please hold us up till we’re through this and recover once more.

Many thanks,


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