My sister has sent me a set of pictures and video of my dad lying on the hospital bed before the second operation yesterday. We’re glad the surgery was successful. But when I saw the documentary just now, my eyes went bleary.

My brain said “kladk;njfbjfofuew”.

My heart melted, leaving me without a way to say anything—no words, just a bundle of heartbreaking emotions oozing out.

Here’s the affidavit of testimony my sister wrote as told by Daddy and edited by my uncle. Swearing to in accordance with the law, he hereby stated:

Daddy’s Affidavit of Testimony

  1. That on April 27, 2011, at around 11:00 AM, he was about to take a jeepney at Soler St. near R. Regente. So, he called the jeepney and it stopped for him; thus, he looked at the right side of the street if there are cars approaching. he did saw a Toyota Altis car approaching which he estimated a distance of 7 cars away from where the jeepney stopped.
  2. That as a driver himself, he knew it was safe to cross the street and ride the jeepney. He walked towards the jeepney and when he was already standing in front of the jeepney’s door, wherein he still haven’t stepped on it, the Toyota Altis car suddenly bumped him from behind.
  3. That he immediately fell, but he still tried to carefully sit on the ground, although the pressure was still very strong. His body felt so numb, as he also looked at his legs and feet at first, but he knew then that there was a severe injury happened to him.
  4. That the driver of the Toyota Altis car looked out for him, while the passengers of the jeepney all shouted due to their shock. His blood just kept flowing on the ground. The bystanders had different reactions and opinions; he heard some saying that he should be unmoved to where he fell, whereas some were saying that he should be sent to the hospital right away.
  5. That despite the accident, the driver refused to let him sit on his car to go to the hospital due to his fear, he supposed, of having his blood stained on the car.
  6. That a traffic aid and a few bystanders immediately carried and placed him inside a tricycle to rush him to the hospital. The driver of the Toyota Altis car just followed along.
  7. That when he was in the tricycle, he started to feel so much pain because his body was condensed for him to be able to fit inside that tiny space of the tricycle. Moreover, besides the pain caused by the effect of the rocky road, the tire of the tricycle got stuck on a manhole that truly made him scream his all.
  8. That as he arrived at the emergency room of Metropolitan Hospital, the pain was excruciating that he could even hardly move his legs which kept on bleeding more. Because of the pain on his legs and feet, he could not move his whole body then. He could see his broken bone of right/left leg out when the ER nurse cut off his pants.

This affidavit is to attest the truth of the foregoing statement and is to be executed for whatever legal intents and purposes it may serve.


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