Today is a day when morning came all too quickly after a fairly sleepless night. We came home at 12-something-AM from Marina Bay Sands (MBS) SkyPark (yes, I went there straight from the office), and I slept at almost 1:30AM.

We had awesome sightseeing, being on the 57th floor, topping the hotel towers over Singapore’s lights and commercial buildings. We also saw the 150-meter infinity pool, which is said to be the world’s largest outdoor pool at the height of 200 meters in the sky.

If you’re one who’s afraid of heights, I encourage you to face your fear by swimming in that pool—at the edge where only clear, transparent glass separates and keeps you from falling down down below. 😉

The park in the SkyPark isn’t that wonderful itself though but at least I’ve earned the experience of being up there for free. This was because Achi Kathy’s friends from the Philippines stayed in MBS, and only hotel guests can taste the perks of visiting that area, while casual visitors have to pay—from what I know—S$20 just to go up on that floor to be captivated by the observation deck and view that spell WOW. By this, I must say gratefulness is easy to come by.

We had our dinner in MBS’ food court: Rasapura Masters, located near the pretty skating rink. And because it was already late, almost all food stalls were closed. I only had a lemon barley drink, gorged with the beauty of everything around.

Why had I not written any post for this blog last week? We were out, all day and night, rewarding ourselves with palatable variety of food after our hectic and busy work schedules.

Last Saturday, we dined in Marché 313@somerset, a total Swiss haven. Sunday lunch was at Food Republic Somerset, where I had tried a different kind of congee (almost like soup, only with tidbits of grain rice) and ice kachang (one of SG’s famed desserts) for the first time; snack was at Achi Kathy’s friend’s house in Buona Vista, where we celebrated a kid’s birthday; dinner was at Annalaksmi Restaurant in Chinatown Point, where we enjoyed an ethnic Indian vegetarian buffet and paid just enough as how much we thought the food was worth (more like a donation).

All the more bringing in the topic of food, yesterday was Maundy Thursday, the celebration The Last Supper denoting the final meal Jesus had with his Followers. On this day we remember the love we have experienced from God and are encouraged no matter how dark the night gets and it will be getting very dark for those disciples, we will experience the love of God and will show that love with each other and those we encounter. It’s two more days before Easter, the time for rejoicing over redemption and restoration.

Ah, how it’s great to be alive and relive every feeling of accomplishment. When sadness was the sea, faith taught me to swim. And while we’re alive, there are no endings in this: the “swimming;” there are only transformations and the harder strive for the best times ahead.

So don’t just stand there. Spread out your arms. Fly. Because even if we fail and fall, the most important thing will be that we flew. Then when one flight is over, we have to be strong enough to pick ourselves up and search the sky for another route to take and another incredible food experience to partake!



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