Hi there.

If you are visiting this blog for the first time, there’s a good chance that you are wondering what I do. Well, essentially I’m a bit of all these:

• Social Media Head by profession: I graduated from De La Salle University-Manila with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology Management in 2009. I’ve been working in the corporate world as an IT Professional right after school. It wasn’t until February 2017 when I shifted from IT to another endeavor—digital marketing, an incredible mix of art and science. I’m currently working with the largest retailer of premium natural and organic products in the Philippines. To know more about my work experiences, check out my LinkedIn profile.

• Foodie by nature: I’m a finicky foodie. However, I’m trying to be more flexible at certain times especially when faced with food that has a lot of character. My job as a blogger, as I see it, is to go out into the world, eat, and give my readers some kind of relevant and slightly entertaining opinion creatively about my dining experiences. 😛

I am Rochkirstin (or, call me Roch for short), wishing to reach and inspire a larger universe of people starting with you. ♥

Join Me On My Adventures!

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Why You Should Follow Rochkirstin.com

Rochkirstin.com (initially DiceInTheBoard.blogspot.com) came into existence upon realizing that I wanted to “edit” my life (Read my first post: Editing My Life) and share my progress along the way. It quickly turned into a food and lifestyle blog.

What you’ll find mostly in my pieces are personal accounts of inspirational life lessons and experiences, celebrations, views and opinions and adventures (food, travel, beauty and fitness).

You’re reading this for a purpose you may not know at this time—or never will. But certainly, for whatever led you to this site, you can be sure it didn’t happen by random chance.



What kind of camera do you shoot with?
I shoot with a Fujifilm XT10 body with the Fujinon 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS II kit lens and Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 prime lens. I’m self taught and still learning as I go.

Do you take on sponsored posts and giveaways?
Yes. But only if it’s natural fit. Please contact me for details and rates.

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