They say that home is where the heart is. But I say that home is where the ART is. Confused? Well, let me explain.

Art is all about self-expression and realization of the world and its complexities as seen and observed through your personal lens. That’s why art is so private, soulful, and relatable, just like your home.

The color to our bare walls, the music to our hungry soul, the light to our shadowed corners, art is a part of each and every one of us even if most of us aren’t professional artists. Here are some interesting ways you can turn your home into a true depiction of yourself through your art and creativity.

DIY Crafts

Not many people are born with a calligrapher’s hands or a painter’s creativity, but crafts are a mode of art that doesn’t need much from anyone except focus and the will to create something beautiful by their own hands. So depending on your preference, you can make wall hangings, wooden carvings, famous quote frames, quirky lighting fixtures, photo frames etc. etc. – the choices are endless!

If you wanna try something with a mix of painting and crafts, acrylic pouring is a great idea. It’s easy enough to understand and get started with as the things you’ll need are pretty easy to come by and you can find many online tutorials as well.

All such DIY crafts add a feeling of self to the room which is very hard to replicate.

Personal Pictures

Whether we accept it or not, almost all of us love to take photographs. Doesn’t matter if its landscape, miniature, self-portraits, family & friends or events, everyone enjoys photography in form or another, which makes it one of the common and profound artistic expressions.

So if you’ve been planning an art wall in your house, you can get started with your personal photography. Simply shortlist the most favorite photographs from your collection, get them printed (even framed if you want) into a desirable size and put them up at the wall. I personally suggest getting the wall painted beforehand into a neutral but refreshing color, different from the rest of the room, to bring more focus to the photos.

You can get funky, whimsical frames for your photos or simply paste them over the wall with hand-painted decorations around to add a more personalized touch. Trust me, this photo wall will become an absolute charmer in the room.


Paintings and drawings are a great asset for an art wall in your home. They add color, dimension and a whole lot of sophistication to the space and don’t need any other embellishment to snag the focus – the art speaks for itself!

If you are into murals, then turning your wall into one would be the most awesome idea. You can incorporate small elements, like personal photographs or lighting accents etc., to create a whole story around the mural. Unique, expressive and attention-grabbing!

Lighting Fixtures

Lights can make or break an art piece. To hit you with its full force, art needs proper lighting. So it’s imperative that whenever you start working on your art wall, you make sure that it is designed with the lighting accents, sources, and angles in mind.

The right type of lighting placed in the right position and angles can change the whole feel of the art. Warmth, liveliness, darkness, depth, joy, sadness – everything can be downplayed or enhanced tenfold just by adjusting the lighting.

So think about the ambient lighting in the room, the placement of white and gold lamp lights, fairy lights, additional overhead lighting or DIY craft lamps addition while planning the whole look of the wall and you’ll be surprised at how the simplest art can become so impactful in the toggle of a switch.


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