The bathroom is among the smallest rooms in our house, yet it can be the messiest. Having the same products is among the reasons for this. In the UK, for example, 55% of English people store two or more similar beauty items in their bathrooms. It seems like we can ironically blame it on the increasing number of competitive bathroom products these days.

Apart from hoarding multiple products in the bathroom, space is also another factor. In fact, 68% of people’s bathroom items, including toiletries, medicines, and cosmetics, call for better organizing and storage solutions.

Regardless of the causes that turned your bathroom in a cluttered mess, we don’t have any excuses to skip bathroom cleaning anymore, thanks to the imposed lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are some ways to turn your bathroom area in tip-top shape.

Adhere Magnetic Strips or Hooks for Metallic Tools

Nail clippers, nail filers, tweezers, and bobby pins can look quite disorganized even after placing them inside a drawer, jar on your sink, or even inside your medicine cabinet shelf. Using containers could use some space, as well.

Why not use magnetic strips or hooks instead? Place them inside a cabinet (either your vanity or medicine cabinet) to free up some space. It’s an aesthetically pleasing way of safekeeping with convenient, clutter-free access to your metallic things.

Place Shelves over Your Bathroom Door

You can also make use of the space at the top of your door, alongside its back, where you can install hooks to hang towels on. Turn that upper area as an extra mini storage unit that can also serve as storage for heavyweight products. Don’t worry. The door’s molding can support the weight.

It’s simple and easy to do, too. You only need to prepare wooden shelf brackets, wooden screws, and a screwdriver. On either side of your toilet’s door frame, secure the brackets with the screw before attaching the shelf to them. And that’s it! You can place grooming tools, hair product containers, bath salts or soaps, extra toilet paper rolls, and other supplies in it.

Reuse Kitchen Tools as your Bathroom Organizer

Making use of the available items at home is among the easiest ways we can do to organize our bathroom during this quarantine period. So why not use your kitchen tools? Who knew that a cake tray could be useful? According to Cosmopolitan, here are some unconventional ways to declutter your cosmetics in your bathroom space. You can use:

  • Spice rack as a perfume shelf
  • Wine rack as a spray organizer
  • Kitchen utensil tray as a hair tool organizer in your drawers
  • Mini loaf pan as an organizer of lipsticks and lip glosses in your drawers
  • Ice tray as eyeshadow singles organizer
  • Plastic food container(s) as storage for makeup application tools, like cotton balls, swabs, or pads
  • Old candle vase or shot glass as a cotton swab container
  • Cookie jar as nail polish container
  • Cupcake tray as your lip glosses and lipsticks organizer
  • Old wine bottle(s) as hair tie organizer

Recycle Reclaimed Wood in your Garage

If you’re into using kitchen items, then look for old wooden stuff in your garage. The rustic look of natural wood can bring a timeless, casual ambiance in your bathroom. Not to mention, it’s also very cheap and simple to work with!

CountryLiving gave some ideas on how to turn reclaimed wood as part of your bathroom’s aesthetic and storage. For example, you can use:

  • Reclaimed wood as space-saving shower valence
  • Reclaimed wood ladder as a towel holder and extra storage (you only have to lean it against your bathroom wall, ideally over the toilet)
  • Reclaimed wood plank as wall storage

Opt for RTA Furniture

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Let’s say you don’t have reusable and recyclable materials available at home. If you have a budget for bathroom improvement and are willing to spend little money, go for ready-to-assemble bathroom cabinets.

Why opt for RTA furniture? Considering the ongoing pandemic these days, it would be better if you’ll be more frugal in spending your money—and buying RTA products is one way to do so. This furniture type is less costly, primarily because you’re saving yourself from the assembly cost by putting the parts of the furniture together yourself.

Purchasing RTA wholesale cabinets online is even possible. Doing so is a lot cheaper than buying the furniture individually. If you put all things together, RTA products are another easy solution to your cluttered and messy bathroom, are way cheaper, and are a boredom killer against SARS-CoV-2. Isn’t it like killing three birds with one stone?


Moreover, beauty begins the moment you decide to be ourselves. This iconic statement from Coco Chanel, one of the most influential and respected fashion designers of all time, has been encouraging self-love to both women and men. This self-love can be first realized in your bathroom, and hence it’s great to spruce up its space and retain its zen-like feature.


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