City travelling offers up some of the best experiences, as you’ll never be stuck for things to do and see. When we went to Dubai for our honeymoon, we found it hard to pick just 12 of our favorite tourist attractions there. However, travelling around cities isn’t like your typical beach holiday. There are plenty more things to think about to make the most out of your city break. Here are five top tips for travelling around cities and experiencing all they have to offer.


5 Tips for Travelling Around Cities

1. Do your research

Before you set off on your city break, make sure you do your research first. What is there to see? What are the top-rated attractions? Where are the best places to eat and drink? It’s unlikely you’ll have enough time to see and do everything, so you’re going to have to be selective. You may find that some of the biggest tourist hot spots are actually quite disappointing – The Secret Traveller at 1Cover has listed places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Spanish Steps in Rome as just some of the most disappointing tourist attractions in the world.

2. Think outside the box

With those disappointing tourist attractions in mind, you may want to consider thinking outside of the box when it comes to travelling around cities. Instead of getting on a sightseeing bus to experience the city, opt for walking around and getting lost within it instead. Take the road less traveled and look for ‘off the beaten track’ guides that will let you know about all of those hidden gems you won’t see in regular guide books. You could even ask the locals where they recommend, as they’ll have plenty of advice for less touristy attractions to visit.

3. Watch your budget

Cities can be far more expensive than other types of holiday, so you’re going to want to keep a close eye on your budget. Look for ways of making your money go further, such as special offers on multiple attractions or investing in a weekly metro card instead of buying a travel ticket every day. Make yourself a travel budget and ensure you stick to it, so you don’t have to take money out while you’re abroad – no one needs those foreign exchange bank fees when they get home.

4. Pack light

There’s nothing worse than lugging a heavy suitcase over the cobbled streets of some European city because cars can’t reach your hotel… Trust me! If you want to make the most of your city break, then you’re going to want to pack lightly. This will also save you some money on extra baggage charges, too. You can use the handy trick of bringing outfits that can be layered so that you will have plenty of outfit choices, whatever the weather, without having to carry a huge suitcase.

5. Look up

Exploring a city can be so much fun, but many of us forget to look up. We’re so busy taking photos or shooting Instagram stories that we forget to actually experience the destination. Of course, taking photos is an excellent way of preserving memories, but maybe limit yourself to just a few hundred a day. 😉 This way you can really enjoy all that your beautiful city break has to offer you. You’ll also find yourself less likely to bump into people or get targeted by pickpockets – which are quite common in popular cities – if you spend less time with your phone or camera in your hands.

These are just five top tips for travelling around cities and making the most out of your city break. Do you have any others to add? Just let me know in the comments.


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